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Can Your Belongings Be Saved During Sewage Damage Cleanup in Hamburg, NJ?

February 21st, 2018 · No Comments

A sewage spill in your Hamburg, NJ, home needs to be addressed immediately because it can quickly create an unsafe environment. You may be tempted to clean the spill yourself, but sewage damage cleanup is a job best left to the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We proudly serve residents all across Northern New Jersey. Hiring professionals isn’t just about avoiding having to do a messy job yourself; it also ensures that the damage will be treated correctly and your home made safe again.

Sewage damage cleanup is a tough job, but we have the training and equipment to rise to the challenge. Today, we’ll look at how our technicians determine whether items in your home can be salvaged or not.

The first thing our technicians will do is perform an analysis of the area and items in your home that have been damaged. This includes determining the porosity of affected items. With this information we can determine which affected materials need to be discarded and which can be salvaged.

While determining salvageability during sewage damage cleanup, our technicians will divide the materials into 3 categories based on their level of porosity: highly porous, semi-porous, and non-porous. We also have to use our best judgement because certain materials can demonstrate multiple levels of porosity. For example, painted drywall has low porosity, but if its base is unpainted, it can be highly porous, affecting whether or not it can be salvaged.

Highly Porous

We always try to save valuable items, even if they’re highly porous. Highly porous items that are less valuable, such as carpets, cushions, and cardboard, are typically discarded.

Semi-Porous Items

The salvageability of semi-porous items depends on how much sewage they have absorbed. The less sewage, the more likely we can save it.

Non-Porous Items

For non-porous items, our experts will check to determine if the contamination has reached the subsurface level. This is where our advanced equipment, such as moisture meters, proves to be helpful and assist our technicians perform a thorough examination of all non-porous materials like linoleum, vinyl, etc.

There are varied details to be looked into at the time of sewage damage cleanup, and the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required proficiency to manage all aspects in the correct manner. If you’ve experienced a sewage spill in your home in Hamburg, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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