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How Experience Proves to be Invaluable in Mold Cleanup Work Performed at Homes in Paramus, NJ

March 19th, 2018 · No Comments

Mold growth in your Paramus, NJ, home can result in bad odors and damage to the surfaces it grows on. If you discover mold growth in your home anywhere across Northern New Jersey, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for quick, effective cleanup.

Here, we’ll discuss the problems mold causes and how we use our expertise to permanently rid your home of mold.

Mold Growth Puts Your Home at Risk

Mold cleanup becomes necessary because mold growth can cause:

  • Structural damage in homes with wooden framing
  • Weakening of floors and walls
  • Discoloration of drywall
  • Damage to furnishings
  • A musty odor in your home

The Value of Professional Expertise in Mold Cleanup

When you hire professionals for mold removal, you’re reaping the benefits of our experience and rigorous training. When our experts arrive on the site, they are well equipped to remove mold from your home with the following:

Advanced Equipment

We utilize advanced technology that’s highly effective in mold cleanup, including:

  • Equipment to detect hidden moisture in your home such as moisture meters
  • Equipment for measuring temperature and humidity
  • Appropriate filtering of mold spores using Air Scrubbers

Proper use of Different Mold Cleanup Methods

Our technicians have a clear understanding of the various methods for mold remediation, depending on your home’s unique scenario. A few of the techniques we utilize include:

  • If mold is growing on non-porous surfaces, our experts make use of damp wipes for cleaning those surfaces
  • When mold is growing on wooden surfaces, our technicians make use of dry brushing to achieve the desired results

Expertise to Evaluate Mold Growth

Our experienced mold remediators will evaluate the problem to determine if it’s actually mold that’s occurring or something that resembles mold, such as:

  • Many types of carpet stains resemble mold
  • Concrete walls can develop alkaline crystals on their surface that look like mold
  • The painted backside of wood or drywall may also have an appearance that is similar to that of mold growth

Mold growth is a serious problem and it’s necessary to take the required steps to perform mold cleanup as early as possible. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan work according to strict industry standards to make sure the problem is completely eradicated from your home in Paramus, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey.

Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 for assistance. We’ll respond quickly, thoroughly analyze the seriousness of the problem, and immediately begin the required mold remediation process.

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