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Erasing All Signs of a Fire With Smoke Odor and Soot Removal in West Orange, NJ

April 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

There are a variety of types of damage caused by a house fire. Along with the damage caused by the flames there may also be damage from the water used to extinguish the fire. While these types of damage are obvious, smoke and soot damage are often overlooked.

Removing smoke and soot damage is critical to fire damage restoration as they can continue to damage your home and belongings long after the fire occurred. This is called secondary damage. The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the tools and expertise to treat smoke and soot damage in your home in West Orange, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey. With thorough smoke odor removal and soot removal, we can limit the damage your home suffers and erase all signs of a fire.

The Effect of Soot and Smoke

Our technicians pay special attention to soot removal and smoke damage cleanup during the fire damage restoration process. Soot removal is a challenge because the chemical composition of soot varies depending on the type of fire that created it.

This is where our specialized expertise comes in. Different materials produce different byproducts when they burn, affecting the type of soot and smoke damage left behind. Our team closely analyzes the materials that burned during the fire to determine the best method to use for remediation.

A few of the byproducts that are generated when certain things burn include:

  • Hydrogen cyanide is produced when wool burns
  • Manganese and benzene are released when wood burns

Persistent Smoke Odors Even After Clean Up

Homeowners often find that smoke odors linger after fire damage remediation has been performed. Our experts prevent lingering smoke odors by engaging in specialized cleanup techniques and utilizing specific equipment.

Why are smoke odors so persistent? Generally, smoke particles are very small in size, around .004 microns or less, which allows them to easily penetrate otherwise inaccessible areas such as beneath carpeting, into wall base, behind wooden trim, and more.

To remove smoke particles in hard-to-reach areas, we use specialized devices such as thermal foggers and industrial grade cleaning agents. This ensures that once the job is done, you won’t experience lingering smoke odors.

Thorough treatment of soot damage and smoke odor removal is essential to successful fire damage remediation. That’s why the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan utilize the latest equipment and techniques to limit the damage to your home and erase all signs of fire. For immediate assistance in West Orange, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey, contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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