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Why Hire Professionals for Fire Damage Cleanup in Jersey City, NJ?

May 16th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire is capable of destroying everything it comes in contact with and can completely devastate your Jersey City, NJ home. Recovering from fire damage is difficult, but the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are here to make it easier with our professional fire damage cleanup services.

You may be tempted to attempt restoration work on your own, but you could actually cause more harm than good. Let’s look at why it’s important to hire professionals for safe and effective fire damage cleanup.

Handling of Hazardous Materials

Fires can leave behind hazardous materials that, if not handled properly, can cause further damage or even harm to those nearby. For example, charcoal briquets that have been doused with water from attempting to put out the fire can ignite spontaneously. This puts the home and those in it at serious risk. Our professionals are experienced in identifying and mitigating hazardous materials and other potential risks.

Proper Fire Damage Cleanup Procedures

Our fire damage cleanup professionals are trained to identify different types of fire damage and use the most effective cleaning techniques. Using the wrong cleaning solution or technique can actually result in more severe or permanent damage. This process includes:

  • Selecting the Cleaner: Do you know when to use a non-water or water-based cleaner? It all depends on the surface and type of damage. For example, using water-based cleaners on plaster walls will cause stains to bleed. Our technicians are trained to avoid these mistakes and choose the most effective cleaning solution and technique
  • Smoke Damage Removal: Smoke damage mitigation is a highly complex area of fire damage cleanup. The proper technique depends on the amount of oxygen used by the fire, the temperature, and even what materials were burned. We examine all of these elements to determine the proper cleaning techniques and products to use. Any mistakes in this process can have disastrous results

Our experience, training, and expertise makes ServiceMaster Metropolitan the perfect choice for fire damage cleanup in Jersey City, NJ. We’ll arrive at your home as quickly as possible after receiving your call and promptly get to work so you can return to business as usual. For thorough and efficient fire damage cleanup, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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