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How Sealers Can Help Suppress Smoke Odors After a Fire in Clifton, NJ

May 24th, 2018 · No Comments

Even a small fire can leave serious damage and unpleasant smoke odors throughout your home in Clifton, NJ or anywhere across northern New Jersey. If your home has experienced fire damage on any scale, it’s time to call the fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We can quickly restore your home to its pre-loss state and remove all signs of the fire, including smoke odors.

Smoke odors are a particularly difficult element to remove after a fire. Today we’ll look at how our experts utilize sealers to prevent smoke odors from lingering in your home after a fire.

Understanding of How Sealers Work

Applying sealers alone isn’t going to remove smoke odors from your home. Our trained experts understand that contaminants and residues left behind by the fire first need to be removed. This means that fire damage cleanup and deodorization are still important steps in the restoration process to ensure the sealers can work to their full effect.

Choosing the Right Sealers

The next step is choosing the right sealer. Not all sealers work the same, so our experts are thoroughly trained to ensure the sealer they apply provides the required results. Concerns they need to address include:


  • Will the sealer be able to suppress fire odors?
  • Will the sealer reliably seal residues as well as bleeding stains?
  • Will it selectively let water vapor breathe when required?
  • Will the sealer be sustainable and work for several years?
  • Is it a sealer that’s specifically used for fire damage cleanup?
  • Will the sealer be able to provide an unbroken and continuous film?
  • Does the sealer itself release unpleasant odors


Understanding the Limitations of Sealers

 Having hands-on experience in fire damage restoration means our team understands the limitations certain type of sealers have. This helps us choose the correct sealer for your individual situation.


Let’s look at different categories of sealers and their limitations.



  • It’s impermeable and blocks water vapor transmission. This can result in entrapment of condensation
  • A pungent lacquer (solvent) odor may persist for a week or more and requires air scrubbing using carbon filtration


Water Based Sealers

  • Less tolerant to substrate surface conditions that are imperfect
  • Don’t offer a vapor barrier
  • Cannot be applied where ambient air and surface temperatures are under 45°F


The experience and training our professionals have is invaluable to fire damage restoration. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan will ensure your home in Clifton, NJ or anywhere across northern New Jersey is restored to its pre-loss condition quickly, allowing you to return to business as usual. For immediate assistance with smoke odor removal or fire damage cleanup, contact us at (855) 560-7999.


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