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Tackling the Complexities of Mold Remediation in Hackensack, NJ

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Mold growth in your Hackensack, NJ home can be a serious problem. Mold will damage the surfaces it grows on, is unsightly, causes an unpleasant smell, and is dangerously harmful to your health. To effectively remove mold in your home you’ll have to rely on a professional mold remediation firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan.


By hiring our experts, you can rest assured the mold in your home will be removed and won’t return. Professional mold remediation takes more than splashing some bleach on the affected area. Today, we’re going to take a look at the complexities of mold remediation and how our professionals tackle them.


Using Negative Air Pressure and Air Scrubbing


Our mold remediation experts create an isolated work location and maintain negative air pressure while removing visible mold contamination. This prevents airborne contamination, such as mold spores, from spreading to other areas of your home.


We create negative air pressure by removing more air from the work area than what’s allowed to enter. This helps remove fungal contamination during the initial cleaning.


However, in some situations, we try to avoid using negative air pressure at the time of final cleaning.


If multiple areas are contaminated, utilizing negative air pressure will only cycle contaminated air rather than bring clean air in. In this case, we use a technique called air scrubbing.


During air scrubbing, our technicians use an air filtration device within the isolated zone without exhausting anything to the outside.


Since the air cycles multiple times through the air filtration device, it effectively reduces the particulate levels within the isolated area.


Proper Fogging for Mold Remediation


To achieve better results during mold remediation, our team makes use of fogging to play a supportive role to the process of air scrubbing.


Fogging is used to add micro-droplets of water to the air. Due to these droplets the dust particles fuse together to become larger particles. These larger particles easily move towards the air scrubber or settle out, helping to make the cleanup procedure easier.


Another good thing about our experts is that they have access to advanced equipment such as ultra-low volume foggers and thermal foggers.


The benefit of using this equipment is that they’re able to produce a fog with droplets that are the right size. For instance, ultra-low volume foggers can produce tiny droplets that are one to ten-microns in size which helps remove very small dust particles.


Our technicians’ experience and industrial-grade equipment both play a vital role in mold remediation. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are prepared to effectively treat any mold scenario in your Hackensack, NJ home. Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 for immediate assistance.

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