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Restoring Specialty Items During Fire Damage Cleanup in Hamburg, NJ

July 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire is well-known for its destructive power and can quickly destroy a house. If your home in Hamburg, NJ has been engulfed by a fire, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fast and reliable fire damage cleanup.


Our technicians are highly trained in fire damage cleanup and can tackle even the most severe fire damage scenarios. This includes restoring specialty items throughout your home. Today, we’re going to look at how our cleanup professionals tackle specialty restoration projects!


Horns and Hides

When performing HEPA vacuuming for items with horns, hides, or feathers, our experts ensure the vacuum’s suction doesn’t cause further damage to the item.


During the deodorization process, we use a hydroxyl generator instead of ozone. Our experienced technicians know that ozone can react poorly with chemicals or glues used during the tanning process of these items.



Before performing fire damage cleanup for artwork our experts first determine the type of art they are dealing with.


Is it an oil painting? Is it an original by a famous painter? Is it signed or has a rider on it? This analysis helps our team understand how valuable a particular piece of artwork is and whether it should be cleaned in-house or sent to a qualified art restorer.


When performing the cleanup in-house, our technicians make use of a special eraser that’s specifically used for cleaning artwork. However, our trained professionals are well aware that this type of eraser can damage water colors and avoid using it on these types of paintings.


Stained Glass

There are different complexities our team faces when cleaning stained glass. For instance, the seams are often made of lead and very soft, making them susceptible to damage.


Our fire damage restoration team uses non-abrasive, acid-free and ammonia-free cleaners to ensure the seams aren’t damaged during cleanup.


Also, to treat heavy contamination or soot, our technicians put the stained glass into an ultrasonic cleaning machine, but only if it’s not painted. Otherwise, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will remove the paint, ruining the piece.


 Finding Reliable Fire Damage Cleanup

Our technicians take extra care during ultrasonic cleaning to make sure there’s no risk of overexposure to cavitation and heat during the process. Overexposure can cause softening of the lead and result in the piece coming apart or getting discolored.


Fire damage cleanup is a challenge and should never be attempted by a non-professional. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary experience, tools, and training to quickly and efficiently restore your valuables after a fire. Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 and we’ll quickly dispatch a team of experts to your home in Hamburg, NJ to help you right away.


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