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How We Tackle Storm Damage Cleanup in Mendham, NJ

July 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Storms can result in serious damage to your Mendham, NJ home. The best way to recover is to contact the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to ensure the cleanup and restoration is performed quickly and properly.

Our professionals are highly trained and experienced so we’re ready to tackle any storm damage cleanup scenario. No cleanup is the same and we often run into situations that test our abilities. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the complex scenarios we run into and how we resolve them!

 Floor Tiles and Asbestos

If our team finds that tack strips have been used for setting carpeting in place, they’ll continue the water extraction and drying process. Our experts understand this means there’s little risk of exposure should floor tiles under the carpet contain asbestos. In older homes it’s not uncommon to find tiles or laminate that contains asbestos.

However, if the carpet is glued down and hasn’t separated completely from the floor tiles beneath, it’s likely the tiles will lift up with the carpet when it’s removed.

For our technicians to remain safe, they’ll avoid lifting the carpet until they can confirm whether or not the tiles beneath contain asbestos and continue the water extraction and drying on a temporary basis to prevent the problem of mold growth on other surfaces.

Walls, Trim, and Lead Paint

Normally, dehumidifiers and floor fans won’t disturb surfaces containing lead paint, making them safe to use.

However, if the painted surfaces show signs of visible deterioration or flaking, to decrease the chance of exposure we won’t direct any air flow towards it.

Advanced Equipment and Bonded Surface Protectors

Access to Advanced Equipment

Our technicians use advanced equipment such as thermal imagers (also known as infrared cameras) to detect hidden water damage in your home. Thermal imagers are able to detect the temperature differences between dry and moist areas and reveal moisture behind walls, in the ceiling, or other hard to reach places. This helps us to identify problem areas and treat them.

This also helps homeowners, as they can see the storm damage cleanup progress for themselves.

Using Bonded Surface Protectors

Microbial growth can return to pre-treatment levels in just a few hours after a surface has been disinfected.

To prevent this, we apply a bonded surface protector (such as Biostat) after cleaning and disinfection. Bonded surface protectors create conditions that inhibit microbial growth to preventing them from recolonizing.

The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are here to help you recover with storm damage cleanup. We’re ready for any scenario and will return your Mendham, NJ home to its pre-loss condition quickly so you can get back to business as usual. For immediate assistance, 24/7/365, contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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