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Preventing the Spread of Smoke Odors After a Fire in Your Caldwell, NJ Commercial Building

September 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Experiencing a fire in your Caldwell, NJ commercial building can be devastating, but recovery is possible with fire damage mitigation and smoke odor removal services from ServiceMaster Metropolitan.


Smoke odors are an often-underestimated element of fire damage, but that doesn’t make it any less sinister. Without treatment, smoke odors can persist for years. However, our smoke odor removal technicians have the tools and expertise to treat smoke odors in your commercial building, especially when it comes to treating fireproofing material.


Our technicians are trained in treating porous spray-applied fireproofing present on deck assemblies, beams, and steel pillars in a building. If the fireproofing isn’t properly treated, it will continually release smoke odors long after the fire damage has been treated.


Choosing the Right Smoke Odor Removal Techniques


Normally, fire damage mitigation experts focus on contaminant removal to get rid of odors. When it comes to fireproofing materials, however, this isn’t the best technique as it would require the replacement of affected fireproofing and be cost prohibitive.


Options for Removing Smoke Odors


Our experts analyze various techniques to select the one that’ll be most effective. Different techniques include:


  • Dry Cleaning Techniques: One of the options is to use dry cleaning techniques like vacuuming, but our technicians avoid it since it proves to be only partially effective. Spray applied fireproofing is present in nooks and crannies where vacuuming cannot reach properly. As such, the material will continue to harbor and emit contaminants
  • Wet Cleaning: This method is avoided since wet cleaning can alter the thermal resistive properties of fireproofing. Additionally, if wetting permeates to the substrate level, it will compromise the bonding strength and necessitate replacement of the fireproofing
  • Sealer (Alcohol Based): Our fire damage remediation experts avoid using alcohol-based sealers such as shellac. The reason is that the solvents and alcohol present in these sealers can negatively affect fireproofing
  • Hydroxyl or Ozone Generators: Depending on the type of fire, we will use hydroxyl or ozone generators under a controlled environment to eliminate the smoke odors.


The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required expertise, tools, and training to perform smoke odor removal on your Caldwell, NJ commercial building and fireproofing. Contact us at (855) 560-7999 for immediate 24/7/365 assistance.


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