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Mold Removal in Wayne, NJ That Keeps Mold from Returning

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Mold in your Wayne, NJ home is a serious problem that takes more than a splash of bleach to deal with. If you find mold infesting your home, it’s time to contact the mold removal professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Today, we’re going to take a look at how our technicians tackle mold removal correctly to ensure mold is removed and won’t come back.


Determining the Cause


Mold doesn’t occur for no reason, and if the cause isn’t addressed, it will return. Before beginning mold removal our experts identify the root cause of the problem, by asking:


  1. Why is there excess moisture in a certain area?
  2. Why isn’t the excess moisture being removed?
  3. Was there any water damage present before?
  4. What environmental factors are contributing to the mold growth?


We’ll also be on the lookout for common issues that can result in mold growth, including:


  • Moisture trapped between the vapor barrier and home’s outer layer
  • Improperly set supply air that’s causing moisture or negative pressure issues
  • Problems with the HVAC system


Once we identify the cause of the mold growth we can resolve it and prevent the mold from returning.


Thorough Mold Removal with You in Mind


Mold removal is only effective if the mold colonies are completely eradicated. To ensure the work is effective and as easy on you as possible, we create an action plan that outlines every part of the process. The action plan includes:


  1. Scheduling: We want to make sure we’re working with your schedule to ensure the mold removal can be completed as quickly as possible.
  2. Products: We let you know what chemicals we’re using in case any residents have allergies and so you’re aware. All of our cleaners and disinfectants adhere to EPA standards to have a lower environmental impact.
  3. After Care: We’ll provide you with any information we feel is important to help you prevent mold growth from reoccurring. For example, if the cause was an undetected leak, we’ll give you tips on detecting or preventing leaks in the future.


The mold removal professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are here to help you not only remove mold from your home but also prevent it from coming back. For immediate assistance, please contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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