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Making Tough Decisions During Sewage Damage Cleanup in Clifton, NJ

January 14th, 2019 · No Comments

If you experience a sewage backup in your Clifton, NJ home, you need to act quickly. Contacting the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for sewage damage cleanup right away will allow us to effectively clean and restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

Sewage damage cleanup isn’t easy, and you should never attempt to perform it on your own. It involves using expertise to make a lot of tough decisions. Today, we’re going to look at some of the difficult decisions our experts make when performing this challenging task.

Sewage Damage Cleanup Challenges

Our experienced sewage damage cleanup technicians utilize their experience and technical knowledge to:


  • Determine which items can be salvaged and which must be discarded
  • Identify items that must be replaced after a sewer backup
  • Choose the right cleaners and disinfectants to properly restore your home


Making Important Decisions During Sewage Damage Cleanup


  1. What Can and Can’t be Salvaged


Sewage contains a variety of contaminants that can cause harm to those exposed. It can also soak into your belongings and make them unsalvageable. Our sewage damage cleanup technicians can determine what can and can’t be saved. You might be surprised by what we can salvage! To determine what is and isn’t salvageable, we examine:


  • How much sewage, if any, has been absorbed by an item
  • Whether or not the item can be cleaned using our high-grade cleaners and disinfectants


If we find an item has absorbed sewage and can’t be cleaned, it will have to be discarded. Common items that can’t be salvaged include paper products, pillows, and mattresses.


  1. What Needs to be Replaced


Some materials, such as wall board and drywall, easily absorb moisture and sewage. These porous materials will have to be removed and replaced to ensure all contaminants have been completely eliminated to prevent exposure and health problems later on.


  1. Which Cleaning Solutions are Most Effective


Not all disinfectants and cleaning solutions are appropriate for certain materials or contaminants. Our technicians are trained to identify different materials, the level of soiling, and choose the appropriate cleaning solutions. Improper use of cleaning solutions can cause serious damage to your belongings or release toxic gases if improperly mixed.


Our technicians rely heavily on their training and expertise to perform effective sewage damage cleanup. With our help, your home can recover after a sewage backup.


We understand sewage backups are unexpected. That’s why ServiceMaster Metropolitan is available 24/7/365 in Clifton, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey. For immediate assistance, contact us at (855) 560-7999!


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