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What to Do After you Experience Fire Damage in Your Hackettstown, NJ, Home

February 4th, 2019 · No Comments

Experiencing a fire in the home can rock your world. It’s not something any homeowner expects will happen to them, but between 2011 and 2015, fire fighters responded to an average of 358,500 house fires a year. The fire damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan want to help Hackettstown, NJ, homeowners be prepared for the worst case scenario. While we hope we never have to service your home, it’s important you know what to do after you experience fire damage, so you can be ready when you need to.


  1. Don’t Enter the Home: It may be tempting to re-enter the home after a fire to try and salvage your belongings, but this can actually cause more problems. First of all, the structure may not be safe, and the possibility of injury is very real. The air quality is also compromised due to the smoke and can cause respiratory problems in those exposed. Second, touching items and moving through the home can cause the existing fire damage to worsen. Soot is a common byproduct of fires and, when you touch something, it mixes with the natural oils on your skin. This can cause the soot damage to become permanent. If you absolutely must re-enter the home, wait until it’s deemed safe by local authorities.
  2. Take Care of Your Pets: We know it’s important to take care of our families after a fire, but pets are affected by trauma just like people are. Oftentimes after a fire, pets will become anxious and may respond aggressively. Use slow movements around your pets and handle them gently to ease their anxiety. Try to leave them with a family member or friend where they will feel safe and comfortable while your home is being restored.
  3. Don’t Turn on Your Utilities: Fire fighters will evaluate your home and take steps to prevent additional damage. This may include turning off your utilities if they aren’t safe to use. Don’t turn them back on until you have assurance that it’s safe.
  4. Contact Your Insurance Company: Every insurance company has a different procedure for responding to losses. Contact your insurance company to get directions on what information you need to give them to successfully file your claim. Some companies will send someone to your home. Others will need a list of belongings lost or photos to document the damage.
  5. Call Fire Damage Restoration Professionals: Recovering your home from fire damage requires professional help. Fire damage restoration companies like ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the tools and training to restore your property after even the most devastating fire. The sooner restoration begins, the more effective it will be. That’s why we’re available 24/7/365 to respond to your service request.


While no one expects to experience a house fire, it pays to be prepared. If you’ve experienced fire damage in your home, contact the fire damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. For immediate assistance, contact us at (855) 560-7999.


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