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3 Critical Areas to Check During Storm Damage Cleanup in Hackensack, NJ

February 11th, 2019 · No Comments

As powerful forces of nature, storms can be awesome to behold. Unfortunately, they can also leave your Hackensack, NJ home seriously damaged. If your home is damaged by a storm, call the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We’ll ensure your property is fully restored to its pre-loss condition, regardless of the damage it has suffered.


One of the most common types of storm damage is water damage from leaks or flooding. Today, we’re going to explore the steps our professionals take to treat water damage from storms.



Flooring Deterioration


Different types of flooring react differently to water damage. In some cases, the flooring can be saved. In others, it has deteriorated too much and needs to be replaced. Let’s look at some of the common flooring materials we encounter and how we treat them.


  • Vinyl: After exposure to water, the edges of vinyl tiles curl. Unfortunately, once this happens, they can’t be saved and need to be replaced.
  • Asbestos: We remove and properly dispose of any materials that contain one percent or more asbestos fiber.
  • Wood: Upon contact with water, wood will absorb water and start swelling. If it can’t be dried quickly, the wood will have to be replaced.


Damage to Interior Walls

Walls constructed of wooden and sheetrock that have been exposed to water for more than two hours will have to be replaced. These materials soak up water and become impossible to completely dry out, making them breeding grounds for mold.


Additionally, if there’s insulation present, we’ll remove any that has absorbed water. Removal of saturated insulation is crucial because it becomes ineffective and increases the level of moisture inside your house.

Find Expereinced Storm Damage Cleanup Professionals

Experience is a valuable asset that helps our storm damage cleanup experts make the right decisions while performing storm cleanup procedures. If your home is in complete disarray after a storm, ServiceMaster Metropolitan will provide quick and thorough storm damage cleanup services in Hackensack, NJ and all of northern New Jersey. Contact us 24/7/365 at (855) 560-7999 for immediate assistance.



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