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Challenges of Fire Damage Mitigation and How Experts in Mendham, NJ Overcome Them

March 18th, 2019 · No Comments

After a fire in your Mendham, NJ, home, you’ll have to take immediate steps to reduce any further damage caused by smoke and soot residues as well as the water used to extinguish the fire. By hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fire damage mitigation, you’ll have the assurance that all possible steps will be taken to thoroughly remediate the situation.


Today, we’ll look at the challenges our experts face while performing cleanup after a fire and how they overcome them.


Removal of Smoke Residues


Our fire damage mitigation experts understand that cleanup of smoke residues is a difficult task since it covers most of the surfaces in a home. In addition, they have the expertise to understand that the type of soot depends upon the materials that burned during the fire.


As such, our experts thoroughly analyze what burned at the time of the fire to determine the best type of cleanup method to achieve the desired results.


Selection of Correct Techniques for Fire Damage Mitigation


Our fire damage mitigation technicians also understand that the selection of the proper cleaning techniques will also vary according to the nature of the fire. Let us explore a few details that highlight this fact:


  • If we find that it was a high-oxygen fire that caused most of the destruction at your home, they will utilize low-alkali detergents as these provide better results for this type of fire
  • If it’s found that a low-oxygen fire damaged your home, our experts will avoid using dry sponges for cleaning purposes to avoid the further spread of soot


Removal of Odors


After a fire, odor removal is a challenge that our experts face. For instance, unprofessional remodeling of a home can create multiple layers of wallboard. This results in the development of interstitial voids, and these voids can allow smoke odors to travel to other parts of the home.


Our fire damage mitigation technicians understand this problem and will perform the investigations required to ensure smoke odors are removed from interstitial voids to achieve success in their odor removal endeavors.


Utilization of Latest Equipment

Our fire damage mitigation teams have access to the latest equipment to assist them in expediting the restoration process to achieve the desired results. Let us look into a few types of the advanced equipment we use:


  • Borescopes: If the homeowner wants investigation to be performed in a minimally invasive manner, our technicians will utilize borescopes for this purpose. The benefit of borescopes is that it lets our experts examine wall cavities and plumbing chases for smoke and fire damage in a less invasive way
  • Thermal Imaging: Our experts utilize thermal imaging to examine the presence of moisture and to learn if insulation has deteriorated. Equipped with this knowledge, our technicians are able to perform cleanup in a better manner


Fire damage mitigation is a difficult task, but the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan utilize their experience and knowledge to achieve results of the highest standard in Mendham, NJ and all of northern New Jersey. For the best in fire damage mitigation, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999.



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