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Preventing Fire Damage with Safe Space Heater Use in Short Hills, NJ

April 11th, 2019 · No Comments

We’ve had historically cold weather recently and everyone is looking for ways to stay warm. Space heaters are an excellent way to do just that, but only if used safely. These small, portable appliances have caused an estimated 25,000 residential fires, 300 related deaths, and 6,000 emergency room visits for burns, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thankfully, ServiceMaster Metropolitan offers 24/7/365 emergency response for our fire damage restoration services whenever you need them in Short Hills, NJ. While we’re here for you in your time of need, we want to help you prevent fire damage in your home first and foremost.


Before you set up your space heater, be sure to pick the right type to use in your home to reduce the risk of fire damage. Not all space heaters have the same features or capabilities. Before you purchase a space heater, use the sizing chart attached to the heater to decide if it’s the right size for your space. We recommend choosing a model with a tip-over safety switch that will turn the space heater off automatically if it falls over. It should also be marked with a label from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or a similar safety testing organization, meaning that the product meets strict safety standards.


Second, set up your space heater carefully to prevent any potential risks. It should be placed on a level, stable surface, surrounded by at least three feet of empty space at all times. Be sure to keep the space heater far away from anything flammable, such as furniture, draperies, clothing, and plants. Place the space heater in a low-traffic area of the room where there will be less risk of family members or pets accidentally knocking it over as they walk by.


Always use your space heater with caution, just like you would when enjoying lit candles. The space heater should only be turned on when a person is in the room, and it should never be left unattended. If you are about to leave the room or go to bed, turn it off. Never hang towels, clothing, or place other objects on top of space heaters to dry or store them. Doing so could result in a costly accidental fire requiring fire damage restoration to repair your home.


Keep your home feeling safe and warm all winter long with the added help of a space heater. In the event that a fire occurs, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately for 24/7/365 fire damage restoration help in Short Hills, NJ. We will restore your home quickly and bring you peace of mind.

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