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Using Different Water Damage Mitigation Equipment in Mahwah, NJ

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

When water damage occurs due to flooding, it’s important to ascertain moisture levels in your home in Mahwah, NJ so remediation work can be performed in the correct manner. If water damage isn’t resolved properly it can lead to problems like peeling paint, water stains, rotted wood, mold growth, rusting metal, and pest infestation. The water damage mitigation experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan make use of probes and different types of moisture meters to perform thorough examinations and work accordingly to fix the water problem.


Use of Moisture Meters in Water Damage Mitigation Work

 Moisture meters help our technicians check the level of water damage, monitor the drying process, and confirm that excess moisture has been brought under control.


Use of Different Types of Moisture Meters

Pin Type Moisture Meters: Our water damage mitigation experts make use of these meters where it’s possible to penetrate a surface, such as wood, and insert the metal pins. These meters provide a reading of the moisture content for the depth they are inserted. By using these meters, our water damage mitigation technicians are able to figure out how deep within a surface the moisture infiltration has reached.


Pinless Moisture Meters: The pinless type of moisture meter utilizes a radio frequency for detecting moisture content under a surface. Our water damage mitigation technicians use these meters where it’s not possible to penetrate the surface of the material or if damage to the surface is to be avoided. Pinless meters help in differentiating between areas of low and high moisture.

In many situations, our experts use these meters together. At first the pinless meter is used to quickly scan a surface for problems, and if any problem is detected, the pin type meter is used for further investigation.


RH In-Situ Probes

We understand that after a flooding incidence, the presence of excess moisture in concrete slabs will continue to negatively affect the complete structure by damaging floor coverings, interior decorations, structural components, and furniture. They also understand that they can work on a solution only after the source of the issue is discovered and eliminated.

Water damage mitigation after a flooding incidence is a complex task where several aspects are to be taken into consideration such as high moisture, contamination, and mold growth. Our experts have the necessary training, certification, and experience to perform this task in the correct manner by following every and all required standards.


If your home has been damaged during recent flooding, find immediate assistance in Mahwah, NJ and all of northern New Jersey from the technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan by contacting us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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