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The Benefits of Using Thermal Imaging for Storm Damage Cleanup in West Milford, NJ

May 24th, 2019 · No Comments

Storms in West Milford, NJ, and their associated flooding can result in significant water damage to homes. In such situations the best thing to do is immediately contact the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to conduct the necessary cleanup and restoration work. Here, we will look at how our experts utilize advanced equipment to carry out this task in the correct manner.


Use of Thermal Imaging in Storm Damage Cleanup


Our storm damage cleanup experts make use of the latest technology, such as thermal imaging, to detect locations with water damage faster and with greater accuracy. For instance, thermal imaging helps in detecting the temperature differences behind a wall.


Thermal imaging cameras help us trace the cold spots that are the result of moisture problems in the house. If thermal imaging shows that a water problem does not exist behind a wall, the wall will not need to be demolished, saving time and expense.


How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?


Thermal imaging cameras detect the infrared radiation objects emit and show them as an image with different colors. Heat is indicated by yellow, orange, and red colors, while colder temperatures due to water damage show in purple, black, and dark blue colors.


Application Areas of Thermal Imaging Cameras


After a storm, our experts utilize thermal imaging for different purposes such as locating the source of a leaking roof, condensation issues, leaking pipes, and other similar problems.


The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary experience to utilize thermal imaging in the right manner and understand that temperature differences are not always indicative of water problems. For example, thermal imaging might show cool air coming from outside.


Our storm damage cleanup technicians also make use of devices such as surface or pin probe moisture meters.


The use of moisture meters in conjunction with thermal imaging provides clear information to indicate whether a temperature difference behind a wall is due to moisture problems or a gap in insulation.


Our experts utilize thermal imaging cameras during the cleanup process to monitor the progress of work and locate sections of the house that require additional attention. This way it becomes easier to redirect dehumidifiers and fans accordingly.


Moreover, our technicians use their training and experience to properly understand how thermal imaging cameras function, how to make proper use of the theory behind infrared energy, and what these temperature differences indicate.


By using thermal imaging cameras our experts are able to perform inspections more accurately and quickly to locate areas in the house with moisture problems, resulting in fewer callbacks by insurance firms for verification.


If your West Milford, NJ, home has been damaged during a recent storm, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately at (855) 560-7999 for quick and efficient assistance in all of northern New Jersey.

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