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Mold Removal and Complexities Technicians Face while Performing Remediation Work in Manhattan, NYC, Homes

May 31st, 2019 · No Comments

Mold growth is a serious problem, and taking immediate steps to rectify the situation is necessary. By hiring mold removal experts (like ServiceMaster Metropolitan), you will have the assurance that the task will be performed in the correct manner. Here, we look at how experts in Manhattan, NYC, remediate a mold problem when it affects carpets and the HVAC system.


Mold in the HVAC System

If examination shows that mold infestation has spread into your HVAC installation, then immediate steps need to be taken as the HVAC system will facilitate the spread of mold spores throughout the indoor space in your home.

Our mold removal experts understand that mold remediation becomes a difficult task if HVAC components (like air handlers and ductwork) are affected by mold. So, before starting work, our technicians perform a necessary mold test and inspection to make sure that it is actually mold rather not dirt accumulation that often looks like mold growth.

After mold growth is confirmed, the next step our technicians take is to determine whether it will be possible to clean affected components or if they need to be discarded. For instance, when mold is present in ductwork, our technicians take the following steps:

  • They discard porous components like fiberglass ducts and insulation
  • They properly clean and reuse nonporous components such as metallic ducts since these are less affected by mold

Apart from performing mold remediation, our experts also try to identify the underlying issue (such as humidity) that caused the mold problem to begin with.

For example, high humidity levels are often caused by air conditioning equipment that is over-sized. Normally, oversized equipment has a high cooling capacity, and as such, the air conditioning system starts operating in relatively short cycles. Such short cooling cycles do not remove moisture from air very effectively.

On the other hand, if you are facing a humidity problem even with an HVAC system that is the right size, then our mold removal experts will suggest other means of dehumidification to rectify the situation.


Mold on Carpets

When mold infestation is noticed on a carpet, our experts perform analysis to examine the severity of the problem. After their examination, our mold removal professionals implement the HEPA sandwich technique to carry out cleanup work.

This technique is a three-step cleaning procedure wherein wet cleaning is performed between cleaning carried out using vacuums fitted with a HEPA filter. During the process, our experts avoid the use of beater bars or other similar attachments since these agitate mold spores.

After the first round of vacuuming, our mold remediation technicians carry out hot-water extraction using antimicrobial products. Our team also utilizes truck-mount systems for applying hotter water than normal as well as to achieve better extraction suction than what can be done when portable units are used.

In the last step of the process, our mold cleanup professionals utilize dehumidifiers to quickly dry the carpets. After that, HEPA vacuuming is performed for a second time to complete the process.


If you have noticed mold growth in your home, call (855) 560-7999, and the mold removal experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan will visit your home in Manhattan, NYC, evaluate the situation, and begin thorough mold remediation.

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