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Why It’s Important to Hire Experts for Disaster Restoration Work in Clifton, NJ Homes

June 18th, 2019 · No Comments

If your home has been damaged after a disaster like a storm, flood, or other calamity, hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan for all your disaster restoration needs in Clifton, NJ is crucial. By hiring competent professionals, you’ll have the assurance the work will be completed within the shortest period, and they’ll perform the tasks in the correct manner.


In the following sections we’ll look at why it’s necessary to avoid hiring inexperienced professionals for this type of work.



Attempts to Restore Possessions That Cannot Be Restored


If someone performing disaster restoration doesn’t have the required experience, they may attempt to restore objects that cannot be saved. For instance, if particle board furniture gets drenched during a flood, putting any effort into restoring such furniture will be futile. With their understanding of cleaning and restoration, our technicians know that after such furniture becomes saturated, attempts to recover it will fail.



Use of Wrong Cleaning Equipment and Techniques


Proper disaster restoration becomes possible when the right equipment and techniques are utilized. Moreover, if the wrong methods are used by less experienced cleaners, it can result in further damage to your possessions.



Cleanup of Antiques and Common Mistakes


Antiques are valuable but vulnerable. If a homeowner has antique items—for example, some old silver coins—and the antiques receive smoke damage, any cleaning methods must be selected cautiously. Less experienced professionals may try to get the silver coins to shine and sparkle by using paper towels and silver polish. However, if such methods are used, the antique value of the coins will be lost entirely.


The pulp-based paper towels can also create tiny scratches on the surface of antique coins, harming them greatly.



Utilization of Wrong Methods and Equipment

If someone inexperienced attempts disaster restoration, there’s a risk that they may use equipment that will not be appropriate for the task.


For instance, they may decide to utilize ultrasonic equipment for cleaning matched pearls. However, the use of such equipment will generally have disastrous effects.


The beautiful shine pearls have is due to the nacre. When a pearl necklace is cleaned with ultrasonic equipment, the nacre will get damaged, and the necklace will lose its value.


To summarize, working with an experienced disaster restoration team is essential if you want your home to be restored in the right manner without having to suffer further damage because of inexperience.


ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a company with vast experience in this type of restoration work, and our experts have the necessary training and certification to perform these tasks as required.



If you’re looking for disaster restoration services, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. Our team of trained and experienced disaster restoration technicians are available in Clifton, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey to visit your home, analyze the situation, and carry out the necessary steps to restore your home and possessions.

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