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A Closer Look into Different Cleaning Products Used in Mold Removal Work at Fairfield, NJ, Homes and Their Differences

July 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Mold growing in your home in Fairfield, NJ, is certainly a serious concern since it can destroy any items it grows on, and in addition, can create unhealthy conditions within your home. When you notice mold growth, you should first hire an experienced firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for mold removal. Apart from performing mold remediation, our technicians also identify the reasons that caused the mold issue in your home and implement remediation so that mold problem does not resurface.


In addition, our experts have complete knowledge of different cleaning products and solutions as well as their effectiveness in different mold removal situations. Here, we explore the differences between chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, which are commonly used in mold remediation work.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one type of oxidizing agent that proves to be useful in mold cleanup tasks. Let’s look at positive aspects of hydrogen peroxide.


  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this disinfectant has excellent antimicrobial effectiveness
  • It’s also an oxidizing agent that attacks stains and malodors
  • Odors generated after application of hydrogen peroxide are very mild and are not considered offensive
  • Use of hydrogen peroxide does not result in generation of any byproducts that are environmentally objectionable
  • Our mold removal technicians know that even if accidental contamination occurs, hydrogen peroxide will not be generating hazardous gases. Additionally, they are aware of the fact that oxygen and water are the only decomposition products, making hydrogen peroxide a safe product to use


Chlorine Dioxide

Chloride dioxide is an oxidizing agent that is chlorine based and provides several benefits in any mold remediation job. Let’s delve into the details here.


  • Similar to hydrogen peroxide, it is also EPA-registered with excellent antimicrobial efficacy
  • Being an oxidizing agent, it’s capable of attacking stains and malodors
  • It works at very mild acidic pH levels compared to the highly alkaline conditions chlorine bleach requires. Even at such mild pH levels, chlorine dioxide proves to be effective for a wider pH range
  • The odor produced when chlorine dioxide is used is less objectionable compared to odor that is produced when chlorine bleach is utilized in the mold removal process


As you can see, both chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide prove to be helpful in mold cleanup work. Yet, experts prefer to use hydrogen peroxide since it will not leave behind any residues.


If you want to eradicate mold from your home, then trust our knowledge and experience to get the job done. Experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan follow required guidelines and standards to completely eradicate mold from your home.


Give us a call at (855) 560-7999, and our technicians will reach your home in Fairfield, NJ, check the severity of the problem, and develop a plan of action for mold removal.

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