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A Closer Look into How Fire Damage Cleanup Experts in Hamburg, NJ, Manage Various Complexities during Remediation Work

August 6th, 2019 · No Comments

Fire can result in lots of destruction, and in these cases in Hamburg, NJ, you need to hire fire damage cleanup experts like our professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for this task. Our technicians have the required expertise to select the appropriate cleanup procedures. In the following, we look at how our experts utilize their experience to take the correct steps in implementing advanced methods such as ultrasonic cleaning.


Odor and Soot Removal and the Use of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Post-fire content restoration is a challenging task, and to perform this task successfully, our fire damage cleanup experts make use of advanced methods such as ultrasonic cleaning to achieve the desired results.

However, our technicians know that items may well get damaged if the right precautions are not taken during ultrasonic cleaning. To avoid such problems, our experts take certain steps to make sure the fire damage cleaning task is carried out properly.


Precautions To Be Taken during Ultrasonic Cleaning

Acclimatize Items to Prevent Breakage

Our fire damage restoration technicians know that while in operation, these ultrasonic cleaning machines reach temperatures of over 110 degrees. If delicate items such as china or crystals are directly exposed to such temperature, then it is likely that they will crack or break.

To avoid any breakage to your dishware, our fire damage mitigation experts bring the items to be cleaned to room temperature and also pre-soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes prior to being treated using the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

In this way they are able to acclimatize the items and prevent them from shattering or cracking due to extreme temperature variations.


Moisten Items to Prevent Color Loss or Bleeding

Our fire damage remediation professionals examine how any particular items react to water and whether this reaction will cause color loss or bleeding. Such examinations are performed before items are put inside the ultrasonic machine.

Our experts perform this analysis as items are dipped into the machine for few minutes and the hot water inside can cause color loss in some materials. By performing necessary examination our experts are able to prevent color loss in many of your possessions.

Our fire damage cleanup technicians moisten the items to make sure they don’t react with water, and only then do they put them into the machine.


Place Delicate Items in Shallow Level to Protect

Technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are well aware of the fact that embellishments on crystals such as gold and silver etching can get damaged due to reactions occurring inside the ultrasonic machine.

To avoid such risks to your possessions, our technicians put delicate items at a very shallow level inside the ultrasonic machine. If required, our fire damage mitigation professionals reduce intensity of the machine for protecting delicate carvings present on delicate items.

Moreover, they only submerge such items for a very short time, and if necessary, resubmerge again.

As you see, there are many complexities to be managed during fire damage cleanup work and experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the competency to take care of these complexities.

Just give us a call on our emergency helpline number—(855) 560-7999—and our team will come to your Hamburg, NJ, site, assess the situation, and get the fire damage cleanup started properly.


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