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Insight into the Importance of Using the Right Techniques during Fire Damage Mitigation Work in Paramus, NJ, Homes

August 27th, 2019 · No Comments

Home fires are estimated to total nearly 375,000 each year, resulting in damage to property worth $7 billion. If you, too, have experienced a destructive fire at your home, then immediate fire damage mitigation action will be necessary to reduce the damage caused by soot residue, water, and smoke odors. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a fire damage restoration firm in Paramus, NJ, and the rest of northern NJ, with the necessary experience and equipment to quickly remediate the situation at your home.


Here, we look at how our experts choose the right techniques and avoid ones that can further deteriorate the problem during fire damage cleanup work.


Importance of Using the Right Techniques

Using the right techniques and avoiding less effective methods is important if the desired results are to be achieved in fire damage mitigation. One wrong method is the use of ozone, and our experts try to avoid using this during the fire damage mitigation process since they are aware of its negative effects. Let’s go through the details.


Ozone and Its Side Effects

Many inexperienced fire damage repair technicians make use of ozone generators for odor removal and for reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but they’re not aware of the side effects they cause.


Ozone is used since it is a good oxidizer and can solve odor problems through its reaction with various chemical compounds. However, such a strong oxidizing effect not only targets chemical compounds in the air, but also damages rubber and paint-based surfaces.


Positive Aspects of Using Hydroxyl Ions

Similar to ozone, hydroxyl also oxidizes chemical compounds, but processes that utilize hydroxyl produce a milder effect compared to ozone. Our fire damage mitigation experts also know that hydroxyl techniques do not cause the weathering effect that is commonly seen if ozone-based methods are utilized.


In addition, our smoke damage mitigation professionals are well aware of the fact that hydroxyl ions have a lifespan of only few seconds, while ozone ions lasts 24-48 hours. Last, hydroxyl ions are also capable of expediting the removal process of VOCs from the fire damage location.


Importance of Removing Source of Smoke Odors

Smoke odors are a major issue during the fire damage cleanup process, requiring special attention. Our fire damage mitigation technicians fully understand that it can be difficult to achieve positive results during odor removal unless the source that is causing the odors is removed.


As such, apart from using hydroxyl generators, our experts take the necessary steps to discard items causing the odors and also properly ventilate the location before hydroxyl generators are brought in for smoke damage mitigation.


Finally, the proper results cannot be achieved if fire damage mitigation technicians do not have the required training and experience. This is where ServiceMaster Metropolitan has a leading edge since our experts have vast experience in fire damage restoration work.


Give us a call on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and our experts will come to your home in Paramus, NJor anywhere else in northern NJ—to analyze the degree of damage that has occurred, and start fire damage remediation and restoration work.


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