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Biohazard Cleanup Work in Chatham, NJ, and the Significance of Selecting the Right Disinfectants and Procedures

September 14th, 2019 · No Comments

During biohazard cleanup work in Chatham, NJ, there are many details to be considered, and one such detail is the selection of the right disinfectants. If the right disinfectants are not selected, the complete eradication of biohazards will not be possible. Let us delve into the details of how the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan use their experience to select the right disinfectants and procedures to achieve desired results.


Selection of the Right Disinfectant and Procedures for Biohazard Cleanup Work

Biohazard cleanup is a complex task which requires experts to select the right disinfectants to achieve positive results. Our technicians ensure that exposure conditions as listed on product labels, like necessary concentration and required dwell time, are followed.


Our technicians also make sure the instructions are followed related to pH level, temperature, and other factors.


Selection of the Right Disinfectant

Our biohazard cleanup experts select a disinfectant by taking into consideration several factors such as the presence of inorganic and organic load, amount and type of microbial contamination, concentration of exposure, complexities posed by the surface (like porosity, roughness, crevices, and cracks), hardness of water, and presence of microbial communities or biofilms.


Factors Influencing Effectiveness of Disinfectants

Our disaster restoration professionals also understand that disinfectant effectiveness depends upon several factors including number of microbes, their characteristics, and the time required to destroy them. They know that if there are many microbes, it will require more time to inactivate them.


Our biohazard cleanup technicians utilize their experience and training to select disinfectants that have a wider antimicrobial spectrum, act quickly, and are not affected by environmental factors. They also consider the potency while selecting any particular disinfectant.


If the right concentration of a disinfectant is used, it can destroy organisms within five minutes. If the concentration is lower, the same kill rate can be achieved after two to three hours of dwell time.


Our experts also consider the pH level while choosing any particular disinfectant because an increase in pH can help improve the antimicrobial activity of certain disinfectants, but decrease activity for other disinfectants.


Similarly, an increase in temperature can assist in antimicrobial activity, however, if the temperature is too high, it can degrade or weaken effectiveness.


Our biohazard cleanup professionals also know that the kill rate decreases when hardness of water increases. Insoluble precipitates form when the disinfectant interacts with hard water, so they must consider all the aspects before selecting any particular disinfectant.


To summarize, biohazard cleanup is a task that requires special expertise and thorough knowledge of disinfectants and how they are to be used. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required experience, training, and certification to complete such cleanup tasks in the correct manner.


When it comes to expert assistance with any type of biohazard cleanup work in Chatham, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan at (855) 560-7999. We will quickly dispatch a disaster restoration team to your home to assess the situation and begin the cleanup work.


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