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A Closer Look into Various Steps of Fire Damage Repair Work Carried Out by Technicians at Hamburg, NJ Homes

October 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

If fire has significantly damaged your home, take immediate steps to prevent smoke and soot residues from causing further damage to your home and belongings. Hire ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fire damage repair to minimize post-fire damage that will occur at your home in Hamburg, NJ, due to smoke residues, soot, and water.


Let’s explore the steps our fire damage mitigation technicians take to restore homes that have been damaged by fire.



Fire Damage Repair and Associated Steps

Step #1: Evaluate Damage

When the first call is received, our fire damage restoration technicians try to collect as much information as possible about the fire incident so the condition of the home can be properly assessed.

At that time our fire damage cleanup professionals ask homeowners several questions to judge how severely the home has been damaged during the fire. A few of the questions our experts ask include:


  • When did the fire occur, and what was the reason?
  • Is there a lot of soot and smoke damage?
  • Did anyone at home attempt fire damage cleanup?


These questions help our fire damage repair experts understand the situation at your home so they can create a strategy for performing cleanup work.



Step #2: Site Visit and Tests


After that initial call our fire damage restoration experts will visit your house and perform the necessary inspections and required tests.


The next step is completing the required paperwork which consists of:


  • Material Safety Data Sheet and client details form
  • Authorization form that allows our fire damage mitigation technicians to perform the required cleanup work
  • Information form outlining details of when restoration work will start and the techniques that will be utilized. This information form also consists of details about important things present in your home such as jewelry and documents that are to be protected from damage or loss



Step #3: Scope of Work and Estimates


Here, the scope of the work is developed consisting of the details related to the mitigation work that will be performed such as soot removal, HVAC cleaning, etc. Subsequently, the scope of work document functions as the work order.



Step #5: Execution of Work


The final step consists of actual fire damage repair work and completion of work according to the timeline established.


After the restoration work is completed, your responsibility will be to conduct a walk through to check whether the work has been completed as required. If the results are as required, all you’ll have to do is provide a certificate of satisfaction to us.


Fire damage repair is a task where different aspects are to be considered to achieve the desired results. The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan utilize their vast experience and technical knowledge to achieve the best possible results.



If your home or business has recently sustained fire damage, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately at (855) 560-7999 or by using our contact form. Our fire damage restoration technicians are available to provide their professional assistance and technical skills in Hamburg, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey to develop a plan of action for cleanup and immediately start the fire damage restoration process.

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