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The Misconceptions around Biohazard Cleanup

October 24th, 2019 · No Comments

Events like suicide can devastate a family. However, and unfortunately, a common misconception around traumatic events is that emergency services or the government will perform the necessary biohazard cleanup. This is not true; their primary responsibility is to remove the body of the deceased and investigate the incident.


The ServiceMaster Metropolitan technicians in Jersey City, NJ, provide expert, discreet, safe, and thorough biohazard cleanup services. There are some more misconceptions around biohazard cleanup that we’ll discuss in this post.


Myths about Biohazard Cleanup

Myth 1: Bleach Can Effectively Clean Biohazards

Many people have the misconception that bleach has the required strength to clean biohazards and can function as an effective biocide. The truth is bleach isn’t that effective and is quite unsuitable when proper disinfection is to be achieved.


Let’s look at a few reasons why it’s considered unsuitable for biohazard cleanup tasks:


  • Bleach can cause the discoloration of fabrics and corrosion of metal
  • Bleach and other biocides can become inhibited or inactivated when they react with blood


Myth 2: It Is Best to Contact an OSHA Certified Company for Biohazard Cleanup

Many people think that if a company is OSHA certified they’ll be able to do the job better, but that’s not true.


First, OSHA doesn’t provide any certification. When a company finishes the OSHA course, it signifies that they are in compliance with employee safety norms as specified in Federal regulations. If the course is successfully completed, the biohazard cleanup firm gets a training document, but this document doesn’t signify they’re considered biohazard cleanup experts by OSHA.


The OSHA program offers insights into how companies can protect their employees from biohazard exposure. The program doesn’t teach cleaning techniques that are to be used nor does it provide details for technicians to be aware of to perform procedures for decontamination such as deodorization methods and anti-microbial chemistry.


Myth 3: It’s Clean When It Looks Clean

Many people have the misconception that if blood has been cleaned away and the place looks visibly clean, then it can be assumed to be clean.


Such beliefs are far from reality since biohazard cleanup is a procedure consisting of four steps: detection, cleaning, disinfection, and confirmation. If all four steps are not completed, the biohazard cleanup will remain incomplete.


To confirm that cleanup has been performed as required and there’s no biohazard risk present, our experts utilize specialized devices, such as a luminometer. This device measures adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which shows biological activity on any particular surface.


As you can see, there are many aspects to be looked into to properly carry out biohazard cleanup, and there can be fatal consequences when people rely on misconceptions and don’t follow the right procedures.


ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the experience, tools, and abilities to get the job done correctly, discreetly, and respectfully in Jersey City, NJ and all of northern New Jersey. If you require biohazard cleanup assistance, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999 or use our contact form to learn more. Our experts will visit your home and develop a plan of action to perform the required cleanup in the best possible manner.

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