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A Closer Look into the Process of Fire Damage Cleanup Work

Fire causes a lot of destruction in homes, making it necessary to take immediate steps to restore a house and its belongings. By hiring a professional company such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan for the task of fire damage cleanup, you will have the assurance that all necessary steps will be taken to restore your home as quickly as possible. Here, we explore the process experts follow while performing fire damage cleanup in homes in Hamburg, NJ, and throughout northern New Jersey.


Procedures Experts Follow during Fire Damage Cleanup

Proper Evaluation

After a fire, when a homeowner calls a fire restoration company, the experts aim to collect all possible details related to the incident. Such information helps the technicians properly evaluate the situation. Experts also ask certain questions to understand the severity of the damage and these questions will mostly likely include:

  • Was cleanup attempted by anyone after the fire?
  • When did the incident occur?
  • What caused this fire?
  • Do you find your home completely engulfed by smoke and soot?


By having answers to these questions, the experts are able to accurately evaluate the condition of your house and better develop a plan of action for remediating the situation.


Site Visit

As part of the evaluation, fire damage cleanup technicians visit your house where the fire incident occurred and perform the necessary tests as well as inspections that will facilitate the cleanup process.



Another step in the process of fire damage cleanup consists of you, as the homeowner, completing paperwork that includes:

  • Authorization form allowing technicians to carry out cleanup tasks at his or her home
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Client information form
  • Information form with details about valuables in the home such as important documents, jewelry, and so on that would require extra protection (This information form will also have details about the date from when work will commence and the methods that fire damage cleanup experts will utilize.)


Estimation and Scope of Work

The next step consists of creating the scope of work, which comprises details about the cleanup and restoration work that is to be performed, such as fire restoration, odor removal, soot removal, and so on. When ready, this scope of work is utilized as work order for the task.


Cleanup Work

After all the preceding procedures are complete, the actual fire damage cleanup work is started and steps are taken to expedite the process so that further damage to your home and belongings from soot residue and smoke odors can be prevented.


When the cleanup and restoration work is finished, the homeowner does a walk-through to make sure all the tasks have been completed, and if all the tasks have been completed as specified, the homeowner provides a certificate of satisfaction to the restoration company.


From the preceding information, you can understand that several aspects need to be considered in performing fire damage cleanup work. You can rely on ServiceMaster Metropolitan to complete this challenging task since our experts have vast experience in fire restoration tasks.


Just give us a call on our helpline number at (855) 560-7999, and our team will immediately reach your home in Hamburg, NJ, check the severity of fire damage, and immediately start restoration work.

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