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Biohazard Cleanup and the Important Decisions Experts Make to Disinfect Affected Homes in Short Hills, NJ

 If a trauma incident takes place at your home in Short Hills, NJ involving blood and bodily fluids, everyone in the family could be in a state of shock afterwards. During this type of situation, you’ll have to take care of family members as well as hire a company to perform the biohazard cleanup. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the certified, experienced technicians needed to safely perform biohazard cleanup to ensure you and your family members aren’t faced with the hazards posed by biological contaminants.

It’s also important to ensure the biohazard cleanup team is trained to be aware of the mental state everyone in the family could be in. After such an incident it’s imperative that the biohazard cleanup be conducted as compassionately and discreetly as possible.

In the following sections we’ll look at the different aspects our experts consider while selecting a disinfectant for the cleanup and decontamination process. We’ll also explore how our technicians utilize the latest technology to ensure the disinfection process is completed successfully.

Selection of the Right Disinfectant

The effectiveness of the cleanup and disinfection procedures depend a lot on the selection of the appropriate disinfectant. As such, our technicians select a disinfectant that will provide the desired results against a variety of pathogens. These pathogens could be non-enveloped or enveloped viruses, mycobacterium, fungi, tuberculosis, and gram-negative or positive bacteria.

Biohazard cleanup professionals also focus on the use of hospital-grade disinfectants since they offer the highest efficiency. The goal is to use a disinfectant that functions optimally against complex pathogens when blood serum may also present.

Moreover, our technicians prefer using disinfectants compared to sanitization products since disinfectants provide a better kill rate compared to sanitizers.

Usefulness of Antimicrobial Organosilane Protection

Our technicians use the latest organosilane technology that offers effective long-term antimicrobial protection. When any particular surface is polymerized using organosilanes, it starts protecting the surface from viruses as well as other pathogens.

Another important characteristic of organosilanes is that they develop a powerful bond with varied surfaces, whether it’s a porous or non-porous surface or textile material.

Organosilanes can be compared to electrically charged spears. When a microbe comes in contact with the surface, the cell membrane of the microbe is punctured by the spear and the rest gets electrocuted. In addition, strength is retained by organosilanes for killing other microbes and it doesn’t dissipate all its charge while destroying a single microbe.

Hiring experienced professionals for biohazard cleanup is crucial to ensure every required step is taken to eliminate all biohazard risks. ServiceMaster Metropolitan can conduct this hazardous work in the safest, most thorough and discreet manner possible in Short Hills, NJ and all of norther New Jersey.

If a biohazard incident occurs in your home, call us immediately at (855) 560-7999. Our team will quickly respond, assess the situation, and develop a plan for remediation work.

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