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The Importance of Utilizing Correct Fire Damage Restoration Methods

Thousands of house fires occur every year, causing property damage worth billions of dollars. If your home has been damaged in a recent fire, taking immediate fire damage restoration steps will help prevent further damage to your property in Bayonne, NJ from acidic soot, water, and smoke odors.


ServiceMaster Metropolitan is the company to contact for immediate and thorough assistance after a fire has damaged your home in northern New Jersey. We have the required experience and training to select the right methods and avoid techniques that can be counterproductive.


Fire Damage Restoration and the Selection of Right Methods

Restoration experts stay away from using methods that can have negative effects during cleanup procedures. One such method to avoid involves the use of ozone for fire damage cleanup tasks.


How Ozone Proves to be Counter-Productive in Fire Restoration Work

Our fire damage cleanup technicians understand that if an ozone generator is used to reduce volatile organic compounds and smoke odors, it can result in adverse side effects. This happens due to the strong oxidizing properties ozone has.


Ozone is able to oxidize chemical compounds and remove bad odors from homes, but this oxidizing effect can damage paint as well as rubber-based surfaces in homes. Thus, in place of ozone, fire damage repair technicians utilize other techniques, such as hydroxyl ions, that provide better results without causing any kind of damage.


Benefits of Hydroxyl Ions

Hydroxyl is used for oxidizing chemical compounds, similar to how ozone functions. The main difference between the two, however, is that hydroxyl is a lot milder than ozone. Moreover, hydroxyl doesn’t result in weathering effects, as noticed when ozone-based methods are used.


Another benefit of using hydroxyl ions is that it has a short lifespan of only a few seconds. On the other hand, ozone has a lifespan of one to two days, making hydroxyl a better option to utilize for fire damage restoration.


Lastly, compared to ozone, the removal process for volatile organic compounds is faster when hydroxyl-based methods are used.


Removal of Odor Source

Smoke odors, if not completely removed, will continue to remind you of the fire. Our experts understand that it will not be possible to achieve complete odor removal if the things that are causing the smoke odors are not removed from your home.


Before hydroxyl-based procedures are used, our technicians take steps to remove all items that are causing smoke odors and set up proper ventilation to achieve the best possible results.


ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the trained experts, essential experience, and the most up-to-date equipment and solutions when fire damage restoration tasks are required in Bayonne, NJ and all of northern New Jersey. If your home has experienced a fire, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. We’ll quickly dispatch a team to check the severity of the fire damage and begin the restoration work.

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