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An Insight into Critical Aspects Managed by Experts in Wayne, NJ During Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms and the heavy rains they bring can leave behind a trail of destruction. If your home in Wayne, NJ, has been damaged in a recent storm, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out storm damage cleanup.
One major issue to be resolved after water damage is hidden moisture. Here, we’ll look at the steps our experts take to tackle hidden moisture in your water damaged home.
Storm Damage Cleanup and the Issues of Hidden Moisture
Step #1: Proper Moisture Detection
Our experts use equipment like moisture meters to properly judge how severe the problem is. They also select the right moisture meter suitable for a particular situation.
For instance, if there is hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles, our storm damage cleanup technicians utilize non-invasive meters for taking the moisture readings to avoid damage to these surfaces.
However, we’re also aware that these materials can create vapor barriers. Our experts utilize their experience to understand whether vapor barriers actually exist, and if they do, our technicians might use a more invasive moisture meter to trace out the moisture problem.
A few of the important aspects that our technicians take into consideration while carrying out moisture detection include:

  • Knowing that penetrating moisture meters can damage a surface. Thus, they use this technique if they know moisture lies underneath a surface.
  • Using non-penetrating moisture meters capable of reading to a depth of 3/4″ within a surface. As such, our storm damage cleanup technicians perform necessary examinations to check whether the moisture went to a greater depth before such a meter is used.

Step #2: Use of Appropriate Procedures
Our disaster restoration experts understand that, during cleanup, different situations can arise that will increase the complexity of the work. One example is wet gypsum drywall.
Our storm damage cleanup experts know that if wallpaper or ceramic tile covers gypsum drywall, these materials will retard the diffusion of water vapor from the drywall. To solve this problem, our experts drill inspection holes underneath the baseboard line and force air into these cavities so the drying process can be expedited.
Storm damage cleanup is a task where many aspects are to be taken care of, including proper cleanup of your home, emergency board up, debris cleanup, and content cleaning.
When storm damage or other water damage strikes, ServiceMaster Metropolitan can provide the thorough and efficient mitigation services required for homes in Wayne, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey. Call us at (855) 560-7999 24/7/365 and we’ll dispatch a team of trained and experienced technicians to assess your home and begin the clean

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