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Disaster Restoration and 3 Important Tasks Involved in Restoration Work

Natural disasters such as severe thunderstorms tend to leave a trail of destruction behind them. In addition, thunderstorms can cause significant flooding, resulting in water damage to homes like those in Hackettstown, NJ. After the disaster, you will have to hire a professional firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for disaster restoration so that immediate steps can be taken to restore your home and its belongings. Disaster restoration experts also pay special attention to reducing the amount of water damage that your home has to bear.


3 Important Tasks Involved in Disaster Restoration

 Ensuring Structural Integrity

  • If the structure of your home consists of a foundation of concrete blocks or brick piers, then restoration experts carefully check whether flooding has weakened the foundation or if damage has occurred to mortar joints.
  • In addition, your foundation is thoroughly examined to make sure mortar is still present between the joints and has not been washed away due to the flooding.
  • If the foundation still maintains structural integrity, even after loss of some mortar, then disaster restoration experts take the necessary steps to replace the missing mortar.

Restoring Flooring

Disaster restoration experts decide which steps to take to restore your flooring, depending on the type of flooring in your home.

  • If you have a vinyl floor consisting of composition tiles, then it’s possible that it will start curling from its edges after water damage. In such a situation, restoration technicians will have no option but to discard the flooring.
  • If, after analysis, disaster restoration technicians find that a flooring material contains 1% or more of asbestos fiber, then the flooring is discarded.
  • Due to a higher level of water absorption by wood, wood flooring tends to face a significant amount of water damage, including buckling and swelling. If the wood floor is not dried out immediately after water damage, then it will be difficult to restore the flooring, and disaster restoration experts may have to discard it.

Repairing Interior Walls

  • If interior walls are made of sheetrock, then disaster restoration experts will check the total time that these walls have been exposed to water. If the exposure time exceeds two hours, then the technicians will replace the interior walls that are affected. Moreover, technicians will remove sheetrock to expedite the drying process of wood studs and other interior parts of the wall.
  • Disaster restoration technicians will check the wall cavities, and if the cavities have insulation, then any insulation affected by the flooding will be discarded since it has lost its effectiveness after absorbing water.

If your home in Hackettstown (or anywhere in northern New Jersey) has been damaged during a natural flooding disaster, then you should get in touch with us via our helpline at (855) 560-7999.

As soon as we receive your call, ServiceMaster Metropolitan will dispatch a team of disaster restoration experts to visit your home, check the extent of damage, and start restoration work as quickly as possible.

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