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What Mistakes Could a Disaster Restoration Novice Make?

After any natural disaster, one of the most important tasks to be performed is proper disaster restoration. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the training and experience required to ensure your Hackensack, NJ, home receives the restoration work it needs. If you hire a company that lacks the required training and experience, the chances of errors and mistakes increases, resulting in costly and irreversible damage to your belongings.


Here, we’ll look at some of the serious mistakes inexperienced technicians can make during the content restoration and pack-out process of items from your house.


Problems with Pack-out


If the need arises to pack-out and send vinyl mattresses to an offsite location, mistakes can happen if the task is conducted by inexperienced technicians.


For instance, if an inexperienced technician over-tightens the straps used to secure a vinyl  mattress, deep creases will be put into the vinyl and permanently damage the mattress. This will necessitate the need to repair or replace the mattress.


Trained and experienced technicians will be aware of this type of problem and take the necessary steps to ensure your mattresses are not damaged during pack-out.


Problems with Wooden Furniture


Delicate wooden furniture needs to be handled with care, and if inexperienced technicians use shrink wrap to pack such furniture, it can damage instead of protect the furniture.


Inexperienced disaster restoration technicians may not understand that shrink wrap isn’t the best material for packing delicate furniture and its parts such as legs, arms, etc. This fact will get proven when the furniture is returned with dents and loose joints. There are several reasons why shrink wrap is not to be used for packing furniture:


  • As a packing material, shrink wrap is unable to provide your fragile wooden furniture the required protection it needs from potentially damaging impacts.
  • In warmer weather conditions, shrink wrap can tighten and pull the joints of your delicate furniture apart.
  • Shrink wrap tends to trap moisture which can soften the varnish of your furniture. This will result in unsightly spots and give the furniture a blotchy appearance.


The benefit of hiring experienced technicians is that they know these issues can arise and will take the appropriate steps required to prevent damage to your delicate furniture.


Having the necessary knowledge and experience is quite important in disaster restoration work to ensure the right steps are taken that will provide the desired results and not cause further damage or complications.


In the event your home is damaged by a natural disaster and in need of disaster restoration, call us immediately at (855) 560-7999. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the vast experience and required training to ensure any and every aspect of the restoration task is performed in the correct and most efficient manner. We’re available in Hackensack, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey to examine the situation, access the severity of damage, safely secure and pack-out your belongings, and quickly start the cleanup and restoration work.

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