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The Benefits of Using Dry Ice Blasting for Soot Removal after a Fire Incident

After any fire incident, you need to take immediate action to prevent further damage to your West Orange, NJ, home and belongings from soot and smoke residue. By hiring an experienced firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan for tasks like soot removal, fire damage repair, and odor removal, you’ll be able to make sure that your home becomes livable as soon as possible. Here, we look at how restoration experts utilize dry ice blasting to get rid of soot residue from your home.

Soot Removal and the Usefulness of Dry Ice Blasting

Fire damage restoration technicians prefer using dry ice blasting for soot removal as it is known to produce effective results and is a green cleaning method. In this technique, dry ice is blasted on the surface of the object at a very high speed, resulting in mini explosions on the object’s surface that effectively remove soot from the surface.

As carbon dioxide is the primary constituent used in dry ice blasting, it’s considered a safer option compared to other cleaning methods during which chemicals or hard abrasives are used.

A Safer Option for Fire Damage Cleanup

In dry ice blasting, small CO2 pellets are shot at the object’s surface using a pressurized gun at a very high velocity. It’s worth mentioning here that CO2 pellets are softer compared to substances like sand or plastic, which are also used in media blasting.

Being softer material, these CO2 pellets do not damage the surface of the object even when fire restoration experts shoot them at a high speed. In addition, after hitting the object, these CO2 pellets go through a transformation from their solid to a gaseous state. Thus, dry ice blasting proves to be a non-abrasive method that provides effective results.

A Precise and Nontoxic Cleaning Method

The reason fire damage repair professionals utilize dry ice blasting for soot removal is that this nontoxic procedure doesn’t require solvents, making it environment friendly and safe for families.

Another advantage of dry ice blasting is that it is a very precise cleaning method. For example, if a piece of glass is being restored, the dry ice blasting will remove smoke damage without causing any kind of damage to that piece.

A few other benefits about this method are that it requires minimal disassembly, helps in faster completion of work, is portable so it can be carried to the location, and removes toxic residue effectively.

To conclude, fire damage cleanup is a task wherein different aspects are to be taken care of, ranging from soot removal to smoke damage cleanup.

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