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Fire Damage Cleanup and Content Cleaning

The destructive power of a fire can be understood by the fact that, during a fire, the temperature can reach more than 1,200ºF, and consequently, will damage most of the items in your Hackettstown, NJ, home. After the fire is extinguished, you will be occupied taking care of family members who may have suffered injuries during the fire, making arrangements for temporary living accommodations, and handling insurance matters. In such a situation, the right action to take is to hire an experienced firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out fire damage cleanup so that your home can be restored as quickly as possible.

By immediately acting, you’ll help prevent secondary damage to your home that is caused by water (in the form of mold growth and structural damage) and acidic smoke residue. Let’s look at how experts manage the intricacies of cleaning and restoring your belongings after a fire.

The Intricacies of Cleaning Your Belongings after a Fire

Before starting the cleanup work, our experts try to examine the items that burned since it helps them understand the residues that they will have to clean like synthetic, protein, or natural substance residues. Let’s examine the cleaning procedures experts follow for the various items present in your home.

Dishware and Pans, Door Locks, and Clothes and Different Surfaces

Dishware and Pans

Our experts use soapy water when pots, dishware, pans, and so on need to be cleaned. After washing these items, we properly rinse and polish them with the help of a cleaner that is finely powdered. In addition, we use a vinegar-soaked cloth for polishing copper and brass items.

Door Locks

If you have iron locks that are damaged during fire, then our technicians wipe them using machine oil. The oil is also added to the bolt opening, and the knob is removed so that the oil distributes properly within the lock system.

Clothes and Different Surfaces

To get rid of smoke odors from clothes, our experts wash them using cold water without detergent. Instead, they add pure vanilla extract during the washing. This solution helps in mitigating smoke odors from your clothes. The same solution is also effective in cleaning and deodorizing kitchen surfaces as well as furniture.

Clearly, having the proper knowledge and skills is very important during fire damage cleanup. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a professional firm with experienced restoration experts who are fully aware of the procedures they need to follow to remediate the post-fire situation.

Just give us a call on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and our team will visit your home in Hackettstown, NJ, check the severity of the fire damage, and devise a plan of action for carrying out fire damage restoration work.

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