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Fire Damage Cleanup and Its Important Considerations

If your home gets damage in a fire, then you need to hire a professional firm to perform fire damage cleanup. Experts such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan will immediately take steps to clean up the acidic soot residues and prevent further damage to your belongings because of such deposits. Our staff also prevents water damage to your home that was caused by the water used to extinguish the fire.


Here, we look at various considerations technicians keep in mind while performing fire damage cleanup and restoration work in Paramus, NJ, homes and commercial establishments after a fire.


Fire Damage Cleanup and Its Considerations

Charred Framing and Odor Removal

If the framing of your house or office building was charred, you will need to install a new framing, and then fire damage restoration technicians make sure that an appropriate smoke sealer is correctly applied. This way, they ensure that all smoke pockets are blocked, and smoke odors will not resurface after the cleanup is finished.


Special attention is given to the selection of a suitable sealing material for this task. For instance, our technicians use aluminum paint or enamels (oil-based), while avoiding latex paints (water-based) and sealers (shellac-based) due to their lack of effectiveness.


Fire-Damaged Photographs

Fire damage repair experts well know that special care needs to be taken when photographs have been damaged during a fire. Instead of attempting to peel them apart, which can further damage the photographs, experts select the right procedure to restore them.


The photographs need to be put into water and gently rinsed to allow them to separate from each other. Then, keeping the image side facing up, all the photographs are dried on a smooth surface.


Cleaning at Medical Establishments

When a fire engulfs a medical establishment, unique challenges arise for fire damage cleanup experts. For example, if there are enamel surfaces, technicians understand that abrasive cleaners should not be used. Instead, only industrial cleaners or detergents are utilized for cleaning enamel surfaces.


Likewise, if there is vinyl upholstery with smeared fire residues, then synthetic solvents are avoided and dry cleaning solvents are used during cleaning to achieve the desired results.


The preceding information highlights the importance of hiring experienced technicians for fire damage restoration work. These experts follow the appropriate methods and avoid making mistakes, and instead, accomplish the desired results. A few other benefits of hiring trained and experienced technicians are:


  • They have the required training and they keep their skills updated.
  • They have the necessary safety and health certifications.
  • They have the needed licenses and insurance policies.
  • They make use of advanced equipment and tools.


As you can see, there are important decisions to be taken during fire damage cleanup. Experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary experience to understand the situation at your home, and appropriately decide about the cleaning procedures to follow.


If your home was engulfed by a fire, then give us a call at (855) 560-7999, and our experts will reach your home in Paramus, NJ, analyze its condition, and start restoration work.

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