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Vital Sealers that Experts Implement to Successfully Complete Fire Damage Cleanup in Mendham, NJ

If engulfed by a fire, your home in Mendham, NJ, will most likely incur a lot of damage and destruction. The first task you need to do after the flames are doused is hire a competent firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan to assume the responsibility of fire damage cleanup. We can restore your home and salvage your belongings before they become permanently damaged due to smoke and soot residue.

Here, we examine different sealer issues that experts consider in carrying out their restoration work in right manner.

Use of Sealers as Part of Fire Damage Restoration

Experts apply sealers only after the removal of contaminants from your home is completed. Technicians utilize the sealers to complement the fire damage cleanup process, which consists of contaminant removal, cleaning, and thorough deodorization.

When all the fire damage cleanup steps are performed in the correct manner, fire residue and odors are prevented from reappearing.

Choosing the Appropriate Sealer

Experts select the right sealer by answering certain questions such as:

  • If necessary, will the sealer allow water vapor to breathe?
  • Is the sealer releasing unpleasant odors?
  • Is the sealer capable of suppressing fire odors?
  • Can the sealer provide continuous and unbroken film?
  • Is the sealer capable of sealing bleeding stains and smoke residue?

Drawbacks of Certain Sealers

A few sealers have certain drawbacks, and our experts keep note of these when making their selection. Moreover, your home’s specific situation is analyzed to select the most appropriate sealer. Here are some types of sealers and their drawbacks:

Water-based Sealers

If there are imperfect surface conditions in a substrate, then water-based sealers are less tolerant to these conditions. In addition, these sealers are not able to provide a vapor barrier when it is required.

Plus, when there are ambient air conditions and surface temperatures are below 45OF, a water-based sealer cannot be applied.


This sealer can entrap condensation since it is impermeable and tends to block the transmission of water vapors. It has a pungent odor that usually persists for several days and often requires air scrubbing to get rid of the smell.

As you can see, fire damage cleanup is a complex task that requires technicians to have professional experience as well as knowledge to manage the various issues. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a firm with trained technicians, advanced equipment, and proper cleaning products to handle any large-scale fire damage cleanup situation.

All you have to do is get in touch with us on our customer helpline number at (855) 560-7999, and we’ll immediately dispatch a team of experts to visit Mendham, NJ, home, develop a remediation plan, and immediately start restoration work.

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