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Procedures Technicians Follow to Achieve the Best Results during Fire Damage Cleanup

Statistics reveal that residential properties are the primary property type often engulfed by raging fires. If your home in Mendham, NJ, was damaged during a fire, then hiring a professional firm for fire damage cleanup will be the best strategy. Fire damage restoration experts such as those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary knowledge and experience to select the right cleaning procedures that will yield the best results for cleanup.


Moreover, they will expedite the cleaning process so that further damage, due to soot and smoke residues as well as from water that was used for extinguishing the fire, to your home and its belongings can be prevented.


Here, we examine various procedures experts follow during smoke and soot removal to return your home to its pre-loss state.


A Closer Look into Fire Damage Cleanup Procedures


Soot Removal from Curtains and Upholstery


The first step experts take to clean curtains and upholstery is to remove the soot deposited over them. They do this before other tasks, such as odor removal and cleaning, are performed. This first step ensures soot does not seep into these items and cause permanent damage.


In addition, fire damage cleanup technicians avoid the use of vacuums with brushes or beater bars since they know that such equipment will send soot further down into the upholstery fabric.


Experts also ensure that after a surface is cleaned, it is covered up properly to prevent re-soiling while cleaning procedures continue for other items.


Odor Removal from Clothes and Bedding


Fire damage cleanup experts fully understand that smoke odors will persist in clothes and bedding up to the time that all chemicals that seeped into these items are removed.


To remove these chemicals, technicians soak the clothes and bedding in detergent before washing them. Experts also add laundry bleach if they find that the items being cleaned are not affected by the bleach.


Soot Removal from Hard Materials


If an item is a hard porous material, like exposed wood or a painted surface, then experts will use a dry chemical sponge to remove the soot deposited on it. The sponge ensures that soot does not seep into the surface of the material because, if this does happen, then soot will remain deposited into the material in the form of a permanent stain.


If technicians find that the material is less porous, such as a countertop or sealed wood, then household detergent will be used for cleaning. However, if it is a PVC window or a painted surface, then experts will utilize alkali detergents for cleaning acidic soot.


Technicians expedite the cleaning process since they understand that if acidic soot comes in contact with humid air and gets activated, then it will cause permanent staining.


If your home in Mendham, NJ, has been damaged during a fire, then taking immediate steps for restoration is necessary. By contacting and hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fire damage clean up, you will have the assurance that all the necessary steps will be taken to remediate the situation in the best possible manner.


All you have to do is contact us at (855) 560-7999, and our experts will reach your home, examine its condition, and start fire damage cleanup immediately.

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