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The Value of Experience in Fire Damage Mitigation Work

If your home has been engulfed by a fire, then it will probably have a lot of damage. Additionally, smoke and soot residue will continue to damage items until you hire a professional firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out fire damage mitigation at your Manhattan home.
In the following, we’ll analyze how our fire damage restoration experts carry out different tasks and manage all aspects of fire damage restoration to return your home to its pre-loss state.

The Value of Professional Expertise in Fire Damage Mitigation Tasks

Task #1: The Right Deodorizer

As fire damage remediation experts, we’re well aware of the guidelines that are to be followed while utilizing deodorizing solutions so that the desired results can be achieved. For example, our fire damage mitigation technicians carefully select a deodorizing solution and avoid heavily saturated ones due to following reasons:

  • If the deodorizing solution is heavily saturated, then it can damage your furnishings.
  • Our fire damage cleanup technician also understand that repetitive and lighter application prove to be more effective compared to the use of heavily saturated solutions.


Task #2: The Air Currents

Due to their vast experience in performing fire damage restoration work, our technicians know that air currents can create problems and negatively affect the proper dispersal of deodorizing spray.
Being aware of this problem, our fire damage repair experts block off all air current paths like windows, doors, and air vents.

Task #3: The Right Equipment

The right equipment ensures proper distribution throughout the affected spaces.
By using the correct cold fogging device, our fire damage mitigation experts can ensure the droplets of the deodorizing spray are very small, and the deodorizing mist is able to cover a large surface area.

Task #4: The Smoke Particles

Our smoke damage removal technicians know that it’s important to get rid of smoke particles. For this, our fire damage cleanup experts make use of portable blowers so that topmost layer of smoke residues can be removed.
Moreover, items like upholstered fabrics, drapes, and so on are agitated to remove smoke particles. This process is followed by a second round of spraying to achieve the best possible results.

Task #5: The Masonry Surfaces

Our fire damage remediation technicians know that it’s important to select the right cleaning techniques and products when masonry surfaces (such as field stone, brick, and cinder block) are affected during a fire.
For instance, our experts know that minerals present in field stone can react with cleaning products and such a reaction may well result in a change in the stone’s color.
Thus, by correctly identifying the masonry surface, our fire damage remediation technicians can select a product that can effectively clean that particular surface.
To summarize, if fire damage mitigation is to be performed correctly, then it is necessary to manage different aspects. As a professional fire damage restoration firm, ServiceMaster Metropolitan can take care of all the complexities and bring back a sense of normalcy to your Manhattan home.
Just give us a call on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and we’ll visit your home in Manhattan, NYC, to examine the severity of the fire damage and start restoration work as soon as possible.

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