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Fire Damage Repair and the Intricacies of Different Restoration Procedures

If fire engulfs your home, then get in touch with fire damage repair experts ASAP so that the proper steps can be taken to restore your home in Hackettstown, NJ, to its pre-loss condition. Our aim here is to analyze the various procedures that experts follow to properly clean and restore your home after a fire.


Fire Damage Repair and the Intricacies of Restoration Procedures


Fire restoration technicians implement carefully selected methods and procedures that are appropriate for a particular situation. If necessary, they discard items that are not possible to restore.




Before cleaning the framing, fire restoration experts check whether it has been charred to a depth of 1/4 inch. If the charring has been to that depth, then they will consider it to be a complete loss and will not try to restore it.




Similar to the framing, fire damage cleanup technicians check whether the drywall has absorbed smoke residues. If they find any presence of smoke residues inside wall cavities, then they discard the drywall since trying to restore it is a futile endeavor.


Tile/Granite/Formica® Counters


Fire damage repair experts also check whether it is possible to clean the grout around tile counters. If the grout can’t be cleaned, then they will suggest replacing the counters.


Similarly, if smoke seeps into granite and Formica® counters, then the technicians will try to seal the counters’ under layer. The experts will also try to expedite the process to prevent permanent discoloration, which happens when smoke sets on these counters for a length of time.


Laminated Flooring


Experts understand that laminated flooring has an absorbent foam layer under it, and if smoke reaches this layer, then the flooring will have to be removed so that the foam can be replaced.




Fire damage repair technicians try to clean carpets that have light smoke damage. For example, if second floor was affected by fire, then carpets on the first floor will have light smoke damage, and the technicians will try to clean these carpets.


Seal Surfaces


If the fire affected a surface that is salvaged instead of replaced, then fire damage cleanup technicians will make sure this surface is properly sealed. The sealing is done to ensure that during warm-weather conditions, these surfaces (such as wood framing) do not release smoke odors.


Aspects of Smoke and Soot Damage Removal


Apart from cleaning items in your home, experts also look into the various aspects of smoke damage removal. Their focus is on the removal of chemical components that result in persistent smoke odors. For this task, the technicians perform an evaluation of chemical residues so that their nature of contamination can be judged and a suitable cleaning strategy can be formulated.

Fire Damage Repair from ServiceMaster Metro

Fire damage repair is a complex task during which many aspects are considered. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has a team of experts that has the necessary experience and knowledge to achieve the desired results.


All you have to do is contact us on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and we’ll dispatch our team to evaluate the condition at your home in Hackettstown, NJ, and carry out fire damage restoration.

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