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Fire Damage Repair and Crucial Decisions Experts Take to Clean Up and Restore Homes

A fire can cause a lot of destruction at your home in Caldwell, NJ, and necessitate professional fire damage repair. The benefit of hiring experts such as those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for this task is that our technicians will take the necessary steps to expedite the process and prevent further damage to your belongings due to smoke residue.

In the following, we look at various steps our experts take to restore your belongings to their pre-loss state.


The Initial Steps

Step 1: Securing Your Home

Fire damage to your home can affect its structural integrity. In addition, to control the fire, fire fighters may need to cut holes in your roof or walls. Consequently, after the fire is extinguished, you may find your home is in a very damaged state.

In such a situation, fire damage repair experts take the necessary steps to board up and secure your home from nature’s elements as well as any miscreants.


Step 2: Defining Procedural Aspects

Because this is most likely the first time that you are facing fire damage, you probably will not know anything about the restoration process, so our experts will explain procedural aspects of the fire damage cleanup. This information will assist you in developing a clear understanding of the process that will be taken to restore your home and its belongings.

In addition, our technicians will provide handouts and other reference materials that will help you understand the procedures that will be followed until the fire damage restoration is completed.


Step 3. Implementing the Actual Cleanup Procedures

After the initial steps are completed, fire damage restoration experts start the actual cleanup procedures, implementing the following:

  • Our experts analyze your drywall to check whether smoke residue has seeped behind it and reached your wall cavities. If such an issue is noticed, then the drywall is discarded.
  • Technicians clean tile counters and replace the grout if it cannot be cleaned properly. Our experts avoid any methods where the top layer of grout is chipped out before re-grouting is performed as it may cause the tiles to chip.
  • If smoke seeps inside solid counters, then our technicians seal its under layer. In addition, this cleanup is performed as quickly as possible since permanent discoloration can happen when soot sets on the counters for too long a time.
  • Laminated floors have an absorbent foam as a layer underneath, which our experts discard and replace when they notice that smoke has seeped under this type of flooring.
  • To clean smoke damage from engineered flooring, our experts sand as well as refinish these floors to properly restore them.


To summarize, the task of fire damage repair cannot be carried out without proper training and experience. One advantage of hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan is that we have a team of experts that has completed specialized training and also has vast experience in performing fire damage cleanup.

If your home in Caldwell, NJ, was damaged in a recent fire, then contact us today at (855) 560-7999, and our experts will visit your home, analyze the situation, and develop a plan of action to successfully restore your home and its belongings.

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