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Specialized Equipment and Methods Experts Use During Fire Damage Repair

If your home in Chatham, NJ, has been damaged in a recent fire, taking immediate steps for fire damage repair is crucial. The best thing to do is immediately contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We have the required skills and experience to perform the work as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible.

Today, we’ll look into a few of the techniques and specialized pieces of equipment our experts use to get rid of the smoke odors present in your home after a fire.

Odor Removal and the Use of Specialized Equipment and Methods


Our fire damage cleanup technicians make use of chemical compounds, such as hydrogen peroxide, in the form of oxidizers to effectively breakdown and neutralize odor molecules.

For instance, hydrogen peroxide and similar other oxidizers are able to penetrate into things made of wood to dislodge smoke residues and facilitate odor removal.

Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl generators assist with faster removal of odors and are considered safe to use. Hydroxyl dissipates quickly without leaving any residues and is extremely effective in removing smoke odors from your home.

Odor Counteractants

Depending upon the situation, odor counteractants assist with masking, changing, or encapsulating smoke odors.

Our smoke damage cleanup experts use odor counteractants due to their excellent versatility in application. Odor counteractants can be applied directly to any particular surface, mixed with any type of cleaning solution, and can also be fogged.

The usefulness of these counteractants is that they either bind or break the odor molecules to neutralize their effect.


Fire damage restoration technicians utilize different fogging methods, like ULV and thermal fogging, while carrying out smoke damage removal. Any particular fogging method is selected after thoroughly analyzing the odor situation at your home.


Sealants help fire damage cleanup technicians ensure that odors don’t resurface after the cleanup task is completed, and these sealants assist in achieving complete odor control.

Chlorine Dioxide

The positive thing about chlorine dioxide is that it’s capable of altering the chemical structure of molecules that cause odors and helps in proper odor control. In addition, when chlorine dioxide gets exposed to daylight, it naturally dissipates, leaving no harmful residues for cleanup technicians to worry about.

Another important thing about chlorine dioxide is that it’s available in liquid as well as gaseous form, allowing it to be utilized depending upon a particular situation. For example, in its liquid state, experts can spray it over different surfaces.

Similarly, in its gaseous state, chlorine dioxide easily seeps into difficult to access and hidden surfaces, such as crawl spaces and HVAC systems, and helps in eliminating odor molecules.

After a fire strikes, an experienced firm that specializes in fire damage repair is required to ensure all the necessary steps are properly taken to remediate the situation. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is the company in Chatham, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey you can rely on for this task.

Contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. We’ll quickly dispatch a team to your home, analyze the condition, formulate an action plan, and start the work to restore your home and belongings.

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