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Flood Damage Cleanup and Decision about Cleaning or Discarding Items

Flooding often results in a lot of damage to homes in Hamburg, NJ, and it becomes necessary to take immediate flood damage cleanup steps to prevent further damage to your home and its belongings. Hiring experts like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for this task is important since we have the knowledge and experience to decide what is to be discarded or salvaged after the flood. Here, we look at the aspects technicians check before cleaning or discarding items.



Discard Food Items

Experienced flood damage repair technicians understand that if room temperature is more than 40OF and refrigerated food items were exposed to such temperatures for two or more hours, then there will be no option but to discard such foods.


Likewise, if there was food in the freezer that thawed and it has been more than two hours that they were under temperatures of over 40OF, then it will become necessary to discard them.


Clean Canned Food

When food is in metal cans that are properly sealed, then it will be safe to consume such canned food. However, flood damage restoration technicians properly clean and sanitize them before they can be opened for consumption. Experts follow certain steps to ensure such cleanup is carried out in the correct manner.


Step 1: Labels are removed from all the metal cans and a permanent marker is used for writing details of what is inside the cans.


Step 2: Good detergent is used for washing the cans, and a brush is used for thoroughly scrubbing the metal cans to get rid of the dirt.


Step 3: The cans are then submerged in bleach solution for about two minutes and rinsed with the help of disinfected water. Another option flood damage cleanup experts utilize is boiling the metal cans for about 10 minutes to achieve the desired results.


Step 4: Last, all the metal cans are air-dried. Avoid wiping the cans with a towel because a towel can spread germs.


Deal with Insulation

Flood repair experts know that if the insulation in your home has been affected during flooding, then there is no option but to discard it. Let’s look at a few reasons why it becomes necessary to discard the insulation.


  • In the case of insulation such as loose fill, it will settle to the bottom of the wall and will have to be removed when it dries. If the insulation is not removed, then it will cause studding decay and result in bad odors
  • After flooding, insulation of rock wool batting will settle to the bottom as well as bunch, making it necessary to discard it


Training and experience are quite important when flood damage restoration is carried out. Technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required competency to perform flood cleanup and restoration at your home in Hamburg, NJ, or throughout the northern New Jersey area.

Flood Damage Cleanup

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