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How to Board Up Windows for a Hurricane

Do you need to know how to board up windows for a hurricane? If a hurricane is scheduled to arrive, then the best preparation is to install tested and code-approved boards that have the required certification and provide the necessary resistance to the wind’s impact. Such quality installations protect homes in Mendham and northern NJ from flying debris when the storm hits.


However, if there’s not much time before the hurricane hits and it’s only possible to implement temporary measures, then you should perform emergency board up to protect your windows and doors. In the following, we look at how to board up windows for a hurricane.


Devise a Plan of Action for Board Up

  • First, count and measure all glass windows and doors, including skylights and so on.
  • Horizontal measurements for openings are to be taken from the inside part of the exterior trim. The vertical measurements should be taken from the sill to the bottom of the top trim. In addition, keep an extra 8 inches in height and width measurement to ensure you have the required overlap on all sides.
  • The plywood sheets should be exterior grade and have at least a 5/8-inch thickness.


Gather Necessary Tools

  • Tools that are needed to carry out board up include a circular saw, hammer, safety goggles, drill, and wrench.
  • Other items that help in the board-up task are large washers, nuts, masonry anchors, bolts, and so on.
  • For wooden homes, gather lag screws and plastic-coated permanent anchors. If you have a masonry home, then you’ll need to gather expansion bolts and galvanized anchors.


Carry Out Board Up

  • Drill holes in the plywood boards, leaving a gap of 2 inches from the edges on all four corners. Also, throughout the panel, drill holes 12 inches apart.
  • Next, while holding the plywood at its board-up location, make mounting holes where the openings are.
  • Use 1/4-inch lag screws and permanent anchors for 3 x 4 foot windows in a wooden framed house. The lag screws need to penetrate to a depth of up to 1¾ inches.
  • For masonry homes, use 1/4-inch expansion bolts and galvanized anchors. The expansion bolts need to penetrate to a depth of 1½ inches inside the wall.
  • All panels should have their associated opening’s name on them. This way you will more easily recognize where a particular panel is to be installed before a hurricane hits.
  • You can also waterproof the panels by applying a paint or sealant.


Contact our customer support team at (855) 560-7999 if you would like to know more about how to board up windows for a hurricane. Our experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan will share any and all the necessary details to assist you in securing your Mendham, NJ, home.

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