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A Closer Look into the Intricate Details to be Managed During Fire Damage Repair

A fire can result in significant damage to your home in Fairfield, NJ, making it necessary to take immediate fire damage repair steps so further damage can be prevented. Hiring the professional team at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for restoration work provides you the assurance that all the required steps will be taken to restore your home, protect your belongings, and prevent secondary damage caused by water, soot, and smoke residues.


Today, we’ll examine the different factors our experts manage while performing cleanup.


Fire Damage Repair and Details to be Managed

Selecting the Right Cleaning Product

Our experts select alkaline cleaning products since they know the majority of smoke residues tend to be acidic in nature. The pH level of alkaline cleaning products is in the seven to fourteen range, and better cleaning is achieved when the pH level of a product is more towards fourteen.


Protecting Surface Finish

When surfaces are being cleaned, friction between smoke residues and a surface can result in scratches over the surface finish and cause problems in the proper removal of residues.


To avoid such issues, our technicians use vegetable oil soap. For instance, this type of soap is used for finished wood surfaces that are not affected by the application of water because it helps in preventing damage to the surface.


Suspending Soot Residues

Ranging from most aggressive to least aggressive, our experts use different types of agitation media when cleaning soot residues.


For example, when any water-based cleaning product is to be applied, technicians use a soft towel as the agitation media. They understand that if the same cleaning product is applied using a brush, the cleaning results achieved would be quite different.


They also determine the proper level of agitation required based upon the degree of soot contamination, the surface being cleaned, and the cleaning agent that will be used.


Providing Required Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the total time for which the cleaning agent and a contaminated surface stay in contact with each other, and the dwell time varies based on the selected product.


To maximizing efficiency and cleaning performance, our technicians closely follow the dwell time as specified on the product label.


Using the Right Temperature

There are multiple benefits of using high temperature during the fire damage restoration process. High temperature expedites chemical reactions, reduces drying time, and helps in opening the surface pores of finishes that are being cleaned.


To protect against unwanted heat damage that might be caused during this process, our experts test all the surfaces before high temperature is used.


Fire damage repair work involves many different complexities, and the skilled technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the expertise to handle them all. For fire damage repair in Fairfield, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. We’ll quickly dispatch a team of experts to your home, assess the damages, and begin the restoration work to return your home to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

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