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Mold Cleanup—The Right Procedure to Clean and Decontaminate Your Home

Mold results in several problems from damage to the household items it grows on to the negative impact it causes on your home’s structural integrity. By hiring experienced mold cleanup technicians like those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan in Hackensack and all of northern NJ, you’ll be able to prevent these problems from surfacing at your home. In the following, we look at how mold damages any items it grows on and the various tasks experts perform to eradicate a mold problem in your home.

Harmful Effects of Mold

Experts understand the damage that mold can cause if it’s allowed to grow. For example, if relative humidity in your home is more than 80% and wooden items are exposed to this high humidity, then they will start absorbing moisture. Gradually, the threshold of moisture in the wood will reach 16%, after which mold will start to grow on the wood.

As the mold starts growing, you’ll notice the wood’s color start to change, and as the mold problem becomes more severe, the wood will develop dry rot, gradually lose its structural strength, and finally, crumble.

Similarly, your house structure can become a substrate and facilitate mold growth when the right conditions are present. These items include drywall, hardwood floors, concrete, insulation, and so on.

Process of Mold Remediation

When mold cleanup technicians start their work, they try to eradicate mold from your home as well as take steps to resolve the moisture, excessive relative humidity, and water issues that caused mold to grow in the first place. Mold cleanup experts use equipment such as moisture meters to judge whether moisture levels are higher than normal, and then take steps to remediate the dangerous situation.

Other activities performed as part of mold control include creating a proper isolation zone so that mold spores do not seep into other unaffected locations, removal of source material where mold growth is noticed, and extensive cleaning. After mold cleanup work is completed, remediation experts take further steps to remove the stains caused by the mold growth, using an effective mold stain remover or other processes like dry ice blasting, to enhance appearance of your home.

The technicians select a mold stain remover by analyzing how severe the mold stains are over a particular surface. If a moderate level of mold staining is noticed, then hydrogen peroxide or an enzyme-based mold stain remover is used. In cases of severe mold stains, a media blaster or sander is used to achieve the desired mold cleanup results.

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Clearly, experts need to focus on many aspects while performing mold cleanup. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a professional company with the needed expertise to eradicate mold issues from your home. All you need to do is contact our customer support team at (855) 560-7999, and our technicians will reach your home in Hackensack, NJ, analyze the situation, and immediately start the mold cleanup work.

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