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Mold Cleanup and Cleaning Products

Mold growth can have quite a negative effect on the structural integrity of your home in Wayne, NJ, and cause other problems as well. To prevent a mold growth situation in your home from quickly deteriorating, contact a professional firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out mold cleanup at your home. Our experts utilize their professional experience to select the right cleaning solutions and products based on each one’s effectiveness.

Here, we examine the features and benefits of two common cleaning products that technicians use while performing mold remediation work at homes where the dangerous growth is found.

Mold Cleanup and Cleaning Products

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent with proven effectiveness in mold cleanup work. Let’s consider the features and advantages of hydrogen peroxide, which make it a preferred choice during mold cleanup. Hydrogen peroxide:


  • Is among the few disinfectants that have received Environment Protection Agency (EPA) registration and is considered an effective antimicrobial product
  • Is also used as an oxidizing agent due to its ability to attack and remove malodors as well as stains
  • Releases byproducts that are not harmful for the environment during application
  • Does not release hazardous gases, so is also considered safe for use because when it decomposes; instead, it releases only water and oxygen
  • Releases mild odors that are quite negligible post-application


Chlorine Dioxide

As a chlorine-based oxidizing agent, chlorine dioxide offers multiple advantages while mold cleanup work is performed. Chlorine dioxide:


  • Acts as an oxidizing agent so is able to remove malodors and stains
  • Is, like hydrogen peroxide,  registered with the EPA and has proven efficacy against microbes
  • Covers pH in a wider range than chlorine bleach (which is often used as a mold cleaning product, but needs very alkaline conditions to be effective) and provides effective results despite its mild pH levels
  • Releases far less offensive odors in comparison to odors released with chlorine bleach during application in mold cleanup


While both hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide for mold cleanup work have their advantages, hydrogen peroxide is preferred because it does not leave any residues.

Selecting the right cleaning products is key in mold remediation, and the technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan use their professional training and experience to select the right cleaning product based on the mold growth in your home.

All you need to do is get in touch with us using our customer care number at (855) 560-7999. Our mold cleanup experts will visit your home in Wayne, NJ, to examine the severity of your mold problem and then immediately start cleanup work.

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