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Mold Cleanup—The Right Procedure to Clean and Decontaminate Your Home

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mold results in several problems from damage to the household items it grows on to the negative impact it causes on your home’s structural integrity. By hiring experienced mold cleanup technicians like those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan in Hackensack and all of northern NJ, you’ll be able to prevent these problems from surfacing at your home. In the following, we look at how mold damages any items it grows on and the various tasks experts perform to eradicate a mold problem in your home. Harmful Effects of Mold Experts understand the damage that mold can cause if it’s allowed to grow.…

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Steps that Storm Damage Cleanup Experts Take to Restore Your Home

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Storms are capable of damaging your Short Hills, NJ, home with all sorts of contaminants and debris. When storm damage occurs, the right thing to do is hire a professional restoration company for storm damage cleanup. They will take the necessary steps, such as cleanup of debris and emergency board up services, to restore your home to its pre-loss state.   The Tasks Experts Perform as Part of Storm Damage Cleanup Remove Debris The first task experts will perform is removal of debris that entered your home during the storm. This debris can range from floating objects to silt, vegetation,…

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Storm Damage Cleanup and Methods Used for Odor Control

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Storms and the flooding they cause can bring different types of contaminants into your Morristown or northern NJ home, which can result in bad odors. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is equipped to perform professional, thorough storm damage cleanup to restore your home and perform odor abatement. In the following sections we’ll look at a few of the different techniques our experts utilize to remove bad odors from your home. Storm Damage Cleanup and Removal of Bad Odors Air Out One effective technique of odor removal consists of airing out water-soaked items. In addition, in enclosed spaces, humidity is reduced to get rid…

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Different Types of Natural Disasters and Their Associated Disaster Restoration Services

Friday, July 03, 2020

Whether it’s a flood, fire, storm, or any other type of natural disaster, hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan for disaster restoration is the right thing to do. Today, we’ll explore how our experts remediate the situation based on the type of disaster that caused the damaged to your home in Hackettstown or anywhere else in northern New Jersey.   Water Damage Water damage can occur due to heavy rains and flooding, and it can cause several issues at your home, such as: Wood will start to rot Metal objects will rust Things will get delaminated Mold can start growing The home may…

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Mold Control Tasks Experts Perform to Completely Eradicate the Problem from Your Home

Friday, June 26, 2020

Mold growth is a serious issue that needs to be addressed on an immediate basis since it can cause many problems, from foul odors to the deterioration of the material it grows upon. In such situations you need to contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan to address the many complexities of mold control to be taken care of. Our aim here will be to examine the tasks our experts perform to control moisture levels in homes in Fairfield, NJ and all of northern New Jersey while performing mold control, and the steps they take to prevent mold from returning after the cleanup is…

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Precautions in Using Ultrasonic Cleaning during Fire Damage Repair

Friday, June 19, 2020

If your home in Edgewater, or northern, NJ, was damaged in a fire, then take immediate steps to restore your home and belongings since every passing day will cause further deterioration due to soot and smoke residue. By hiring experts such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan for your remediation task, you’ll have the assurance that the correct procedures will be followed to expedite the fire damage repair process. In the following, we look at different precautions to take during ultrasonic cleaning, which is often used as part of the fire damage repair process.   Ultrasonic Cleaning After a fire is extinguished, homeowners’…

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A Closer Look into the Different Types of Equipment Experts Use During Storm Damage Cleanup

Friday, June 12, 2020

Storms with heavy rainfall can cause serious water damage to homes. For storm damage cleanup in Clifton, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, ServiceMaster Metropolitan can provide all the necessary services to prevent problems like structural damage, damage to your valuable belongings, and mold growth. To prevent such issues from arising, it’s important to measure and control humidity levels. Here, we’ll look at the different types of equipment our experts use to measure humidity levels and effectively manage the drying process.   Equipment Used by Experts to Measure Humidity During Storm Damage Cleanup Thermohygrometers The benefits of using thermohygrometers…

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Mold Cleanup and Cleaning Products

Friday, June 05, 2020

Mold growth can have quite a negative effect on the structural integrity of your home in Wayne, NJ, and cause other problems as well. To prevent a mold growth situation in your home from quickly deteriorating, contact a professional firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out mold cleanup at your home. Our experts utilize their professional experience to select the right cleaning solutions and products based on each one’s effectiveness. Here, we examine the features and benefits of two common cleaning products that technicians use while performing mold remediation work at homes where the dangerous growth is found. Mold…

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An Insight into Mold Control and Its Associated Complexities

Monday, May 25, 2020

If you find mold growing in your home, taking immediate action is required to control its spread and protect your belongings from damage. By hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan for mold control and cleanup, you’ll get the assurance that all the required steps will be taken to eradicate the problem from your home in Manhattan, NYC, or northern New Jersey. In this post we’ll explore the steps our experts take to clean HVAC systems and carpets affected by mold problems.   Mold Cleanup and HVAC Systems If our experts find that an HVAC system has been affected by a mold problem, immediate…

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Fire Damage Cleanup and the Effective Use of Hydroxyl Generators for Smoke Odor Removal

Monday, May 18, 2020

A fire in your home can cause a lot of damage, and after the flames have been extinguished, cleanup becomes the next challenge. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is trained, staffed, and equipped to take this challenge head-on and get the job done right. In this post, we’ll discuss the different techniques professionals utilize for proper odor removal after a fire affects a home in Jersey City, NJ.   Steps are Taken to Avoid Incorrect Methods Fire damage restoration professionals stay away from using techniques that would result in harmful or damaging side effects. For example, experts try to avoid using ozone generators…

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