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Storm Damage Cleanup and Its Associated Challenges

Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Storms and their accompanying strong winds and rainfall cause significant damage to homes. If your Edgewater, NJ, home has been damaged during any such recent storm, then hiring the services of a professional storm damage cleanup firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan will be the right choice to make. Our experts will expedite the process so that your home can be protected from further damage caused by the influx of large amounts of water during a storm. Here, we explore how experts manage the challenges associated with storm damage cleanup. Storms and Water Damage Gapped Floors If your home has solid wood…

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Drying Process Challenges Experts Overcome during Water Damage Repair

Friday, January 15, 2021

If your home has experienced serious water damage during a recent flooding incident, then you need to get in touch with an experienced water damage repair firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We take the necessary steps to expedite the drying process, reducing the chances of secondary water damage and mold growth in your Clifton, NJ, home. Here, we look at the challenges experts overcome during structural drying and how advanced equipment is used to ensure the drying process moves in the right direction. Challenges of Structural Drying When performing structural drying, the goal of water damage restoration experts is to get…

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Why Hiring Experts for Fire Damage Repair Is Always a Prudent Decision

Saturday, January 09, 2021

A fire is capable of destroying your home in Wayne, NJ, as well as its belongings. In such a traumatic situation, you may feel tempted to take up the restoration work yourself. But, it’s always advisable to hand over this task to an experienced fire damage repair firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan.   Our aim here is to explore the reasons why performing a fire cleanup and restoration task yourself is not a prudent decision.   Why is hiring professionals for fire damage restoration a prudent decision? Reason #1: Taking Care of Your Family After a fire, everyone at your home…

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Storm Damage Cleanup in Hamburg NJ

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Wind speeds are known to reach hundreds of miles per hour during severe storms, resulting in significant damage to some houses in Hamburg, NJ. In such a storm situation, it’s necessary to hire a professional firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out storm damage cleanup so that your home and its belongings can be restored to their pre-storm state. Storms bring debris and hazardous contaminants into your home as well as flooding that can result in water damage, increasing the risk of mold growth if the cleanup process is not expedited. Here, we look at the steps storm damage…

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Water Damage Cleanup in Hackettstown, NJ

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Water damage is a serious problem as it can negatively affect the structural integrity of your home, damage your belongings, and result in problems such as mold growth. You can minimize water damage to your home in Hackettstown, NJ by hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out water damage cleanup work. In the following sections we’ll look at the different equipment our technicians use during the drying process. Dehumidifiers There are two types of dehumidifiers that our technicians use: Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers: The benefit of LGR dehumidifiers is that there is less possibility of over-drying or damage. LGR dehumidifiers…

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Fire Damage Cleanup Complexities

Monday, December 14, 2020

The complexities of fire damage restoration increase during structural fires, making it necessary to hire professionals to carry out the task of fire damage cleanup. The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan in Hackensack, NJ consider several factors to ensure the desired results are achieved. These factors range from examining the materials that burned to analyzing the temperature the fire reached, and similar other complex details. In the following sections we’ll look into the various tasks our technicians perform to restore your home. Evaluating the Extent of Damage Our experts know that the extent of the damage any particular surface faces will…

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Water Damage Mitigation Process Uses Heat Drying

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Natural calamities like floods and storms can result in significant water damage to homes in Morristown, NJ. Such damage, in turn, makes it necessary to hire a professional firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for water damage mitigation. Our team will quickly take steps to help in preventing further issues such as structural damage and mold growth. Let’s look at how our experts use heat drying in water damage mitigation situations. Water Damage Mitigation and Heat Drying Selecting the Right-sized Heater Experts consider several aspects in selecting the right size for a heater that will be used during the water damage restoration…

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A Closer Look into Complexities Experts Overcome During Biohazard Cleanup

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

After any biohazard incident, people in the house can be in a state of trauma. In such situations, hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan in Fairfield, NJ to carry out biohazard cleanup is the right thing to do. Our experts work discreetly and compassionately to provide the safest and most effective biohazard cleanup available. They ensure that all required steps are taken to properly clean and disinfect your home and belongings. Here, we’ll look at the different tasks our technicians perform to carry out cleanup in the right manner. Consider Factors Influencing Disinfectant Selection and Usage Frequency Our technicians consider different factors while…

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Insight into the Use of Advanced Techniques during Water Damage Repair

Monday, November 16, 2020

If your home in Edgewater, NJ, incurs significant water damage after a natural disaster, then you will need to hire water damage repair experts like the professional team at ServiceMaster Metropolitan, which uses advanced techniques to remediate the situation. In the following, we explore the different advanced methods our experts utilize to expedite the drying process of your home after water damage. Water Damage Repair and Use of Advanced Methods Injection Drying Systems Professional technicians understand that fast drying helps to reduce or eliminate strip outs as well as lessen the chances of secondary property damage. To facilitate this task,…

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Water Damage Mitigation and the Equipment Used to Monitor Proper Drying of Concrete Floors

Monday, November 09, 2020

After any water damage incident, properly drying your home and belongings in Clifton, NJ becomes important. The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan will perform the water damage mitigation and expedite the drying process so your home is protected from mold and other issues related to water damage. Here, we’ll look at the steps our experts take to check for excess moisture in concrete floors so remedial steps can be taken. Water Damage Mitigation and Analyzing Excess Moisture in Concrete Floors The problem of excess moisture after any water damage incident is a major issue for concrete floors as they are usually…

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