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The Complexities of Mold Cleanup

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

If you notice mold growth in your Caldwell, NJ, home after any natural disaster such as a flood, then you need to take immediate action to remediate the situation. You need to rely on experts such as those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for mold cleanup since they are familiar with the complex procedures needed to completely eradicate your mold problem.   Here, we look into various procedural details that our experts pay attention to while performing mold cleanup.   The Complexities of Mold Cleanup Creating a Containment Zone Containment zones play a crucial role in preventing the spread of mold spores…

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How Advanced Equipment Ensures Effective Smoke Odor Removal

Friday, April 09, 2021

Fire can cause serious damage to your Chatham, NJ home. While damage from the flames may come to mind first, smoke can be just as destructive. From soot residues to nagging smoke odors, your best course of action is to trust the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for comprehensive fire damage cleanup and smoke odor removal.   In addition to our expertise, we use advanced commercial-grade equipment, including hydroxyl generators, to effectively remove smoke odors from your home. Learn more about how we ensure effective smoke odor removal in your home!   Use of Hydroxyl Generators in Smoke Odor Removal Required…

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Flood Damage Restoration and the Important Decisions Experts Take to Restore Your Paramus, NJ, Home

Thursday, March 25, 2021

If your home in Paramus, NJ, has been inundated during a recent flooding incident, then it probably has incurred a lot of damage. You’ll need to hire experts such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan for flood damage restoration to expedite the cleanup and recovery process. Here, we explore the issues experts take into consideration when deciding whether to discard or clean up certain items. Important Decisions to Be Taken during Flood Damage Restoration Food—What to discard and what to clean? Experienced flood damage cleanup technicians usually discard food if the temperature in your home was more than 40OF and the food items…

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Biohazard Cleanup and the Important Decisions Experts Make to Disinfect Affected Homes in Short Hills, NJ

Thursday, March 18, 2021

 If a trauma incident takes place at your home in Short Hills, NJ involving blood and bodily fluids, everyone in the family could be in a state of shock afterwards. During this type of situation, you’ll have to take care of family members as well as hire a company to perform the biohazard cleanup. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the certified, experienced technicians needed to safely perform biohazard cleanup to ensure you and your family members aren’t faced with the hazards posed by biological contaminants. It’s also important to ensure the biohazard cleanup team is trained to be aware of the mental…

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Vital Sealers that Experts Implement to Successfully Complete Fire Damage Cleanup in Mendham, NJ

Thursday, March 11, 2021

If engulfed by a fire, your home in Mendham, NJ, will most likely incur a lot of damage and destruction. The first task you need to do after the flames are doused is hire a competent firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan to assume the responsibility of fire damage cleanup. We can restore your home and salvage your belongings before they become permanently damaged due to smoke and soot residue. Here, we examine different sealer issues that experts consider in carrying out their restoration work in right manner. Use of Sealers as Part of Fire Damage Restoration Experts apply sealers only after…

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How Our Storm Damage Cleanup Experts Ensure Your Bayonne, NJ Home is Dried Out

Thursday, March 04, 2021

 If your home in Bayonne, NJ has suffered storm damage, the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan can efficiently and thoroughly repair the damage plus take the required steps to prevent any potential secondary damages, such as mold growth. In the following sections we’ll analyze the steps our technicians take to detect and rectify moisture issues caused by storm damage. Development of a Drying Goal As soon as they’re on site, our technicians will create a drying goal so the ideal moisture level can be attained. For this, our technicians develop a drying standard where moisture readings from parts…

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Water Damage Cleanup and the Problem of Tented Ceramic Tiles

Friday, February 26, 2021

Natural disasters such as flash floods are known to cause serious water damage to homes in Hamburg, NJ. In addition, if immediate water damage cleanup steps are not taken, significant secondary water damage can occur including structural issues and mold growth.   Hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan to conduct the required water damage cleanup will ensure everything possible will be done to cleanup and restore your home quickly and thoroughly.   There are different complexities that experts face during cleanup. Today, we’ll look at one particular complexity that arises due to water damage.   Complexities of Water Damage Cleanup In some situations,…

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A Closer Look into the Intricate Details to be Managed During Fire Damage Repair

Thursday, February 18, 2021

A fire can result in significant damage to your home in Fairfield, NJ, making it necessary to take immediate fire damage repair steps so further damage can be prevented. Hiring the professional team at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for restoration work provides you the assurance that all the required steps will be taken to restore your home, protect your belongings, and prevent secondary damage caused by water, soot, and smoke residues.   Today, we’ll examine the different factors our experts manage while performing cleanup.   Fire Damage Repair and Details to be Managed Selecting the Right Cleaning Product Our experts select alkaline…

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Fire Damage Cleanup and Content Cleaning

Friday, February 12, 2021

The destructive power of a fire can be understood by the fact that, during a fire, the temperature can reach more than 1,200ºF, and consequently, will damage most of the items in your Hackettstown, NJ, home. After the fire is extinguished, you will be occupied taking care of family members who may have suffered injuries during the fire, making arrangements for temporary living accommodations, and handling insurance matters. In such a situation, the right action to take is to hire an experienced firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out fire damage cleanup so that your home can be restored…

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Mold Cleanup, Look into an Innovative Process Experts Use

Friday, February 05, 2021

After damage from any natural disaster involving water, the risk of mold growth increases exponentially. Thus, the best action to take after any natural disaster such as flooding or storm damage is to call on experts like those at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to perform mold cleanup at your home in Morristown, NJ. Our experts will properly evaluate the severity of your mold problem and take the necessary steps to quickly remediate the situation. Two aspects of mold remediation are cleaning up of the contaminated surfaces, and if required, removing the contaminated material. For instance, if mold contamination is noticed on your…

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