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Precautions in Using Ultrasonic Cleaning during Fire Damage Repair

If your home in Edgewater, or northern, NJ, was damaged in a fire, then take immediate steps to restore your home and belongings since every passing day will cause further deterioration due to soot and smoke residue. By hiring experts such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan for your remediation task, you’ll have the assurance that the correct procedures will be followed to expedite the fire damage repair process.

In the following, we look at different precautions to take during ultrasonic cleaning, which is often used as part of the fire damage repair process.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

After a fire is extinguished, homeowners’ main concern is restoration of their home and their possessions. Ultrasonic cleaning proves to be quite effective in restoring your belongings to their pre-loss state.

However, there are certain precautions to be taken when using ultrasonic cleaning for restoration. In the following, we delve into the details of these precautions that fire damage repair experts take while carrying out their restoration work.


Acclimatization of Your Belongings

Fire damage repair technicians know that ultrasonic cleaning equipment gets very hot during its operation and reaches temperatures of more than 110ºF. Exposure to such high temperatures can easily break or crack crystal, china, and similar delicate items.

Being aware of this risk, experts keep items at room temperature for some time and then presoak them in mildly warm water before restoration treatment starts in the ultrasonic machine.

This precaution helps in acclimatizing your valuable belongings to the high temperatures and minimizing the risk of damage because of temperature variations.


Testing for Loss of Color and/or Embellishment

Before putting anything into an ultrasonic cleaning machine, fire damage repair technicians test how a particular item reacts when it comes in contact with water by first moistening the item to determine whether water will cause any type of color loss. The test is also necessary since the hot water inside the ultrasonic machine can cause loss of color in various items.

Similarly, silver and gold etching as well as other embellishments on crystal items may be damaged while reactions take place within ultrasonic cleaning machines. Since fire damage repair professionals are aware of this issue, they keep such delicate items at a shallow level within the machine.

Fire damage repair experts also lower the intensity of the machine and keep these items submerged for shorter duration to safeguard the etchings and embellishments.

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Clearly, professional experience is very important in fire damage repair work, and the technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have required the expertise and training to appropriately perform challenging tasks. Post-fire, all you need to do is contact us on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999. Our team will reach your home in Edgewater, NJ, to immediately start fire damage cleanup work.

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