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Fire Damage Cleanup and Preventing the Release of Smoke Odors from Fireproofing

When any commercial complex is affected by a large fire, various complexities result and it becomes necessary to hire fire damage cleanup experts—like ServiceMaster Metropolitan in Fairfield, NJso that the correct steps can be taken to overcome all the challenges involved and bring back normalcy to your commercial space. One of the main problems that you face after a fire is lingering smoke odors, and one of the primary sources of such odors is the fireproofing present in your commercial building.

Our aim here is to analyze the steps fire damage repair technicians take to stop the release of smoke odors from such fireproofing.


Fire Damage Cleanup and Smoke Odors

After arriving at your location, experts analyze the complexities they will have to face when steel pillars, beams, and deck assemblies in your commercial building have spray-applied fireproofing. Fire restoration technicians understand that if the right technique is not selected, then smoke odors will persist in such porous fireproofing.


Decision about Technique to Select for Odor Removal

Usually, for smoke odor removal, experts get rid of the containment. However, technicians understand that such a technique cannot be used for smoke odors originating from fireproofing material. They understand that removal and replacement of all fireproofing will not be feasible, both in terms of the associated cost and the time it would take to do so.

Being aware of this complexity, fire damage cleanup experts explore other options that will help them in achieving effective odor removal.


Process of Odor Removal

Before actual work is started, fire restoration experts get in touch with qualified engineers to understand whether the fireproofing has a good bonding with the steel structure. If the engineers confirm that the bonding strength was not affected during the fire, then the required steps are taken to contain smoke odors.


Methods to Avoid

Dry Cleaning | Wet Cleaning | Alcohol-based Sealers

Experts usually avoid a few methods that are otherwise used as part of the odor removal process, but prove to be less effective when fireproofing is involved.

Dry Cleaning: Technicians avoid dry cleaning methods such as vacuuming since it cannot reach the nooks and corners where fireproofing has been applied.

Wet Cleaning: Similar to dry cleaning, wet cleaning is also avoided since experts know that application of wet cleaning may well change fireproofing’s thermal resistance. If such a situation occurs, then the bonding strength of the fireproofing will be compromised and there will be no option but to replace the fireproofing.

Alcohol-based Sealers: These sealers are not used since the alcohol and solvents in them tend to have a negative effect over fireproofing.


Method to Provide the Best Results

Water-based Sealers: When fireproofing is involved, fire damage repair technicians understand that using water-based sealers provides the most suitable results. In addition, water vapor easily permeates such sealers and prevents issues such as the development of vapor barriers as well as condensation, which often result in mold growth.


To summarize, during fire damage cleanup, it becomes necessary to manage several complexities. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required training, experience, and certification to understand the challenges as well as manage all the complexities. Call us 24/7 at (855) 560-7999 for expert fire damage cleanup in Fairfield, NJ, and throughout northern New Jersey.

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