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A Closer Look into the Process Followed by Experts during Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard incidents involving blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials pose serious health risks since they carry different types of infections and contaminants that can result in various health risks. In such situations, proper biohazard cleanup becomes very important. The benefit of hiring experts (like ServiceMaster Metropolitan) for biohazard cleanup is that they closely evaluate all aspects to make sure cleanup is carried out properly.

The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan ensure your home in Edgewater, NJ, returns to how it was before the biohazard incident. In the following sections, we look at the process experts follow while carrying out biohazard cleanup.


Process Followed by Experts during Biohazard Cleanup 

  1. Assessment of Involved Risk
  2. Use of Appropriate Equipment
  3. Use of Correct Type of Disinfectants


Assessment of Involved Risk

Before starting cleanup work, experts perform a detailed risk assessment to properly evaluate the following information:

  • The kind of personal protective equipment their team will require based on the severity of the contamination
  • Steps that they will have to take for controlling biological contamination at the scene of incident
  • Tools, equipment, and chemical solutions that they will need to successfully carry out cleanup at your home


Use of Appropriate Equipment

Performing cleanup in nooks and corners as well as other hard-to-reach locations becomes a concern for biohazard cleanup technicians. But, use of advanced equipment helps to solve this problem. Experts make use of nano crystallization based steam vapor equipment to perform cleanup in such hard-to-reach areas.

In addition to such steam vapors, experts also utilize equipment like foam applicators as well as negative air devices to ensure cleanup is carried out in the correct manner.


Use of Correct Type of Disinfectants

Technicians utilize their experience to evaluate the kind of pathogens that they will encounter by examining the type of biohazard incident that has occurred. By utilizing their knowledge and experience, they are able to choose the most effective antimicrobial agents to provide the best results.

They also select a disinfectant by examining the surface on which cleaning is to be performed. Moreover, biohazard cleanup experts select strong disinfectants such as tuberculocides that offer effective results for different types of surfaces.

Technicians try to choose surfactant-based disinfectants since they also function as cleaners and do not leave behind sticky residues.

In addition, experts focus on applying disinfectants that utilize an odor dissipation feature since normal disinfectants often leave behind a strong unpleasant scent. The benefit of this feature is that it produces a scent that dissipates within a short period of time.

To conclude, biohazard cleanup is quite different from other types of cleaning tasks such as disaster restoration or water damage cleanup since technicians have to deal with pathogens that can result in health risks.


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